December 28, 2007

Run, Run!

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Aidan loves playing chase! He started playing chase at play group after all the toys were put away and all the kids had an open space to be wild and free. Now he has extended his love of chase to the library, houses, SJ gym and just about any where else with more than six feet of running space. He will come up behind your leg and start pushing you forward to let you know that it is time to play. In case you weren’t already aware! This is fine with adults but he also does it with kids.  Without an explanation he looks like a bully, but he just wants to play! Kids look up with big “why is he pushing me” eyes. Once they know what he wants most of them oblige, but occasionally Aidan gets a bit over zealous and freaks ’em out a bit!

But just look at how much fun he has!

Here are some still shots of his new found pass time!

I’m Gonna Get You Uncle Cory!

Get You!

Playing chase with the big kids in Hawaii:

Move Will Ya!



  1. Randi said,

    Boys love to run!! I only wish I had half of this kind of energy!

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    That video rules! I was hoping you edited out the smashing into each other at the end. 😈

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