December 23, 2007

Intro to Santa 101

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Yesterday we went downtown to do a little last minute Christmas shopping as a family. We first stopped in one of our local electronics stores where Aidan promptly found the flat screen TV playing Nemo. After a few minutes he realized that there were many other things for him to investigate. Including a Bobble and Ramble toddler remote control car that activates when you yank on the driver. I’m pretty sure the “how to operate this toy demonstration” came to him in a dream, because he has never seen anything like it before and still knew exactly what to do! He played with this toy for a good five minutes–until Mommy noticed a foul smell coming from her toddler below. So our shopping outing was cut short, and we returned home to change one doozie of a pamper! Ugh! After Aidan went down for his nap Mommy went back to the store and bought the toy, because that’s the kind of Mommy Santa I am! And how ever would he survive with the other million and one toys he already has?

I didn’t have time to wrap it last night before Auntie Amanda, Dick and Tater came over so I put it on the floor in the pantry to get it out of sight. Or so I thought….this morning when I was making Aidan his oatmeal he was doing this:

I found it!

Yeah, okay…so I need a little training in Santa Hiding Places. What can I say?! At least I didn’t put it up high so he had to climb the shelves to play with it! šŸ˜•

Tonight we went to Auntie Nikki’s for our annual Christmas Cookie Exchange. Yummy! Dad-Oh is trying to figure out how he can set up an “every Sunday Cookie Exchange.” Because anything “that gets us out of the house so he can watch football, and brings cookies into his life” is alright in his book! He mentioned something about a “Meat Exchange” too, but I’m pretty sure that is a no go! Sorry Honey!

Aidan had a blast running around and chasing the big kids. I have some cute video that I will load to YouTube sometime soon. Until then…enjoy the Holiday Cuteness!

Skylar, Aidan, Hanna, & Makayla


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