December 12, 2007

At Your Service

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So I’m pretty sure I am the best tech support around! Auntie Amanda has recently purchased herself a little piece of Internet heaven and I have been there to support her every step of the way! Okay, support her…do it FOR her what’s the difference?! Thanks to a little text messaging/IM’ing/and logging into her account through my ftp I had her up and running in mere minutes. VERY different than my experience! After all what are BFF’s for? BTW, Auntie–MERRY CHRISTMAS! 😛

Aidan has been such a happy little guy as of late! He is a totally different kid when he isn’t teething! He went to play group today and was a happy little clam, until his nap time grew near! We came home, had a snack and he was out like a light for three hours!

Here are some action shots of him chasing the big kids at Saturday nights Christmas Party.

I’m Coming!Flash

Not much else to say….oh yeah: at his last Well Child Check (11/28/07) Aidan was just shy of 25 pounds and 32 inches! But we already knew he was a beast in the middle! 😛


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  1. grandma Fava said,

    he looks like he had a great time at the party, he is going to be a party guy 😛 He looks so cute in that long sleeve shirt! The start of chasing girls oh boy!!

    I think the girls will be chasing him alot too!!

    Love you grammie

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