December 10, 2007

Too Much Fun For One Weekend

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 9:40 pm by Momma

This last weekend was jam packed full of exciting adventures. Aidan was constantly on the go, go, go! It started off on Friday with playgroup and a play date. Then on Saturday it was non stop kiddo Christmas fun. Jazzie and Carly Jo are heading to America for Christmas so we had to have our “family” Christmas early. We had about 20 people and five kids and a whole mess of food! We headed over to Jazzie’s house a bit early to try Christmas Photoshoot 2007 again! Aidan got Jazzie a Seahawks cheerleader outfit for her birthday and us Mommies wanted to get some shots of them in their gear. Unfortunately, my little guy wants NOTHING to do with any pictures, or cameras–

Lil Hawks Fans

Sly little devil! 😈 Notice his strategic hand placement!

My What Nice Legs You Have

After nearly SEVENTY pictures we finally realized no matter what we did/would do/could do/or aspired to do we weren’t going to get that “perfect” picture where they are both smiling and looking like they cared! Believe me we tried! We tried so much that I needed a little deodorant refresher! 😯

So alas we gave up, and changed them into their Christmas outfits. Secretly hoping that we’d get a perfect Christmas shot of the two little love birds. And well…this is the ONLY picture I got where Aidan was actually in the picture!

Ho Ho Ho

Jazzie’s Mommy and I kept wishing they were as cooperative this year as they were last year! I am hoping that next year Aidan will understand the concept of “presents” and I will at least be able to bribe a fake smile out of the kid!!!

Aidan and the older kids played chase ALL night! He literally was running full speed for over two hours! He was POOPED when we got home and instantly crashed out! He had a blast! It was so fun to watch him with the big kids! And the best part? No one got hurt or cried! 🙂

Aidan had a special day on Sunday too! Auntie Joan harnessed Sirena to her pony cart and the kids got to go for a little pony ride! Soooo cool! All the kids had a grand ole time riding up and down the road with Sirena (the pony) and Dallas (the goat) hopping along side!

Giddy Up

I’m pretty sure this isn’t my puppers!




  1. GGDot said,

    What a cuite pair that Jazzie and Adain make. I look forward to watching them over the years. 🙄

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    They so don’t care about the pictures!! They’re trying to play – doncha know??

    I’m pretty sure picture taking and pony/carriage rides are NOT in the tech support contract… 😯

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