December 6, 2007


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For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of personally knowing me, you may not know that I am an Internet shopoholic. Not the kind that spends exorbitant amounts of money (just don’t ask my Husband his opinion), just the kind that has various packages arriving on any given day. I consider myself a very savvy Internet shopper, I always use coupon codes, rewards and mileage sites. So as a part of my giving back this holiday season I have decided to share a few of my most favorite discount sites with you, hoping the money you save on your Christmas shopping will all be pooled into one big fat reward check addressed to ME! 😛

For starters if you rely on airline miles to travel like I do you have to login here before you shop at your favorite online retailer. Some sites offer up to 20 miles per dollar spent! This site is specifically for Alaska Airlines but most of the major airlines have similiar programs and if not Alaska has 13 partner airlines!

Looking for a little cashola kick back? Ebates is a great site to log onto if you want to save cash. They offer a percent back in the form of a quarterly check or you can have them direct deposit your “big fat check” into your paypal account. I have been a member for a few years now and have saved nearly 300 bucks on purchases! There are many sites like Ebates: Mr. Rebates, Fat Wallet, Jellyfish

Don’t forget good old fashioned coupon/discount/promotional codes! They can save you a bundle! Nearly every online retailer offers codes, some are more tricky to find then others, but they are worth the hunt! When I bought my new computer I was able to find a coupon code worth 40% off! That’s is huge when your talking about $1000+!

Evreward is a great place to start your search for codes. They are SO easy to use! You simply type the name of the store you are shopping with into their search box and voila you have an entire list of coupon codes, ebates percent back, and airline mileage offers.

Sometimes you might get a message that your coupon code is no longer valid–do not let this discourage you! Just keep plugging away, 99% of the time you will find another. I have even emailed evreward telling them that their code for Target was invalid and within 12 hours they had a new one on the site and in my in box!

To make the savings even more worth while combine air miles and codes! You can almost always combine a coupon code for percent off with coupon codes for free shipping too.

Traveling? Don’t forget Priceline!!! Huge savings on naming your own price for cars, and hotel rooms! Our last Hawaii trip: 9 days of renting an SUV for under $200 in HAWAII! And $75 a night here!!! And they are affiliated with Ebates! Gotta love the double-dippin’!

It definitely takes a bit more time than simply hitting “place order” but it’s worth it!!

That’s all the secrets I’m willing to reveal right now…don’t wanna overwhelm you with savings all at once. Let me know whatcha think!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    I know you’ve told me all these before so I shoulda known better but I literally did all my Christmas shopping without using one of your little tricks. 😡

    I suck!

  2. Aunt Larissa said,

    Jen, you never cease to WOW me with your savvy shopping secrets………you truly are a ROCKSTARLET!! I will have to let Clay know that you are going to be saving us so much extra cash on my up-and-coming purchases 😉

  3. Pam said,

    Way to go… I love all your little tricks! I am all about getting the best deal I possibly can.

  4. Thanks!!

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