December 3, 2007

Weekend Update

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Hunker down, this is gonna be a long one! 😛

This has been quite the weekend! It started out fantastically on Friday evening with family swimming and dinner out, Aidan went to bed like a champ and Dad-Oh and I had a long overdue movie night. Which led to a very late bed time! But, no big deal I thought…Saturday was my sleep in day so I should be good to go–HA!

A little after 2 am I woke up and noticed that Dad-Oh was missing, and when he didn’t return in a timely manner I went downstairs to investigate. I found him in a heap hugging the toilet. Since no adult spirits accompanied our dinner, I knew it had to be something worse. The flu? Hard for me to believe that the onset would be that quick, and I couldn’t think of one single place that we hadn’t gone together in the last few days so that only leaves food poisoning! Which was nearly confirmed by a call to triage nurse at the hospital. Without tests there is no stead fast way of knowing for sure if it was the flu or food poisoning. I suppose (God forbid) if I get sick in the next week or so, a retraction for the following statement(s) will be in order!

Dad-Oh and I have not been the said restaurant in YEARS, because the previous owner was CREEPY and would come by and message my shoulders and play with my hair! EWWWW! I know that that is enough information for my local readers to know what establishment I am talking about. And for those who don’t let me clear things up: TWIN DRAGON. That felt good! 🙂 Anyway, since the creepy owner guy was long gone and the inside of the restaurant is prolly the nicest in town we decided to give it a try–BIG mistake!

Dad-Oh is just now on the mend and getting his appetite back. However, he refuses to eat any meat product that he cannot see prior to it being cooked! 🙂 So as you may have guessed there was no sleep in Saturday for me, or Sunday for that matter! It was single parent weekend! Aidan decided to wake up well before 7 am both days. I wasn’t even able to capitalize on his nap times because of projects and various preplanned events. Don’t you love it how that always seems to work out that way when you’re exhausted!

Last night as I was sitting in the rocking chair with Aidan I thought to myself, “thank god this weekend is over…it’s been hell!” And I’m pretty sure the universe heard that and wanted to test me a bit more. SO….

Around 4 am I over hear Aidan’s musical monkey toy serenade me over the baby monitor! Damn dog stepped on the mat to make it play! Of course this wakes Aidan right up and he thinks its time to play! I go in to investigate and find a very suspicious “pile” in the middle of the floor. There was no gagging stench so I knew it wasn’t from the south end. Yep, she puked all over Aidan’s floor! Since Aidan was all fired up I went and got Dad-Oh and he played with him while I scrubbed dog puke out of my carpet. Because after all the weekend wasn’t technically over…. 😡 It took me almost an hour from start to finish to clean, and get Aidan back to sleep. And then another hour to thaw my feet in bed (another post soon to come: it’s fricken freezing here! Auntie Manda’s freeze your ass off weather is here! Today’s high was 14!). So by that time I really had not much time before I got up for the day. Luckily I was able to call in to work and come in two hours late.

That extra padding allowed me to attend Aidan’s first Kindermusik class. And it was there that the universe paid me back ten fold. Let me explain what this class is like: a female Mr. Roger’s like teacher who sings poorly and dances around way too happily while swinging her arms around like she’s trying to fly away. When Dad-Oh agreed to take Aidan I said I didn’t really know the whole agenda but was pretty sure it was a music exploration class. He said and I quote, “anything that gets us out of the house and involves other kids is worth the money.” Boy oh boy is he eating his words now! 🙂 So as I was sitting in the circle with the other parents singing kiddie songs out of tune Dad-Oh was sitting off to the side wondering how in the hell he got himself into this and what he has to do to get out of it now. Then we were instructed to “be trains” and choo choo around the room. And what do trains travel through??? Tunnels??? Are all the other parents paired up with their children being trains? Gee who is the odd man out? Would that be Dad-Oh? Why yes, yes it would! So Mrs. Rogers grabs Dad-Oh by the hand and say’s “Common help me be a tunnel!” He of course was M.O.R.T.I.F.I.E.D. But not nearly as mortified as he was when I snapped this!

Oh Happy Day!

The single parent-no sleep-cleaning up dog puke at 4 am weekend: TOTALLY WORTH IT! 😆



  1. Auntie Manda said, I can practically see Casey’s disdain dripping from this picture. And I can totally hear your giggling. I can’t WAIT for more posts about music class…that’s what he gets for disappearing for four months at a time! 😆

  2. grandma Fava said,

    What a weekend! At least you had a great breakfast on Sunday morning with grammie and grampie. glad everyone is doing better now!
    Big hugs and kisses!


  3. Scott D said,

    I can’t believe that Madison and I were there and TOTALLY missed that tunnel. Next time, we will request another tunnel so we can go through. 😈

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