November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Wrap Up

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Aidan’s second Thanksgiving has come and gone and sadly I didn’t even take a picture for the baby book. Mostly because he is still not back to his usual self. I did however do a little reminiscing!

My parents came over early in the day, we made a scrumptious prime rib, honey ham and all the fixin’s. We ate during Aidan’s nap time and I hate to say it but it was nice for me just to be able to enjoy a meal in peace. Nine times out of ten I am the one tending to little Aidan Dadian during family meals. Which means I either scarf down my food at lightening speed or end up not eating much of anything because I have spent all my time feeding him and now my dinner has gotten cold.

Aidan LOVED the ham. He’s so funny, when I first tried to give him some he whipped his little head around and sealed his lips shut, but I gently forced in a little taste and that was all it took! He couldn’t shovel it in fast enough! Little stinker should trust me a bit more! After he woke up from his nap he was in a goodish mood and played fairly well. Too bad Mommy and Dad-Oh were ready for our naps! 😛

Next we headed over to Dad-Oh’s parents house and had Turkey dinner. Aidan was in fine sprits (read: falling apart, tired and crank-a-rama). I can’t totally tell for sure but I think I saw even more teefers trying to pop through. Ugh! I thought we would have another break after these two new bottom teeth!

Mommy and Aidan ducked out a bit early, came home had a yogurt and started the night-night routine and when it came time for bed–the kid was R.E.A.D.Y. Maybe he’ll sleep past six!


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  1. grandma Fava said,

    We had a great Thanksgiving! Our little guy is growing up so fast 😉 He played for a while and then he got a little boo boo, but mommy made it all better! He is at the age of trying to do everything himself. I love you all! 😛 We had a great time!

    Love grammie and grandpie

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