November 6, 2007

The NON Howlie Rate, Please

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 10:30 pm by Momma

Sitka has met its match! The prices here are just as bad if not worse! The only difference is that they have a Costco, Wal Mart and KMart here. But man they get every penny they can out of you!

I have already mentioned our thirteen dollar kids penne with butter, but there are soooo many more. I called a restaurant the other night to make reservations and they specifically asked, “Are you local or visiting?” Kinda like asking permission to rip us off and give us the Casper white tourist section!

Today we moved from our huge condo in Poipu to a hotel room at the Hilton. The condo was great as far as size an comfort went but they don’t offer the amenities like hotels do. No new towels or maid service. Granted we were equipped with our own washer and dryer but we had to pay a buck a piece for one loads worth of Tide, and since we didn’t get clean towels we were essentially paying them to wash their towels. It was a buck fifty for coffee packets that Dad-Oh couldn’t live without, a buck to rent a noodle for the pool…and on and on. They weren’t outrageous prices but it did begin to feel like we were nickel and dimed! At least we didn’t have a maid to tip! 🙂 The condo WAS beautiful though, with a great pool and amazing paved beach walking path.

Today between check out and check in times we drove up to the Wiamea Canyon. Which, I am told is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Dad-Oh and I took a helicopter ride inside when we were here on our honeymoon.

Wiamea Canyon

We walked around the park a enjoyed the views…sadly our trip is nearing the end…. 😦

My Boys



  1. jim said,

    casey must have been mad, he had to wash his own towels.
    aidan doesnt mind.

  2. Aunt Larissa said,

    Hey Howlies! How is the suntanning coming along? Aidan actually looks like he has the best color out of all 3 of you 😉 Hope Buggle’s teefers are feeling better 😳 Jazzie is getting 2 more & been having some tough nts too 😥

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    Casey wash his own towels? Surely he jests… 😯

    LOVE the last pic!

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