November 3, 2007

The Whitest Family in Hawaii

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Okay, here it is four days in to our trip and I finally got a working Internet connection! The stupid modem at the condo was broken and it took over eight calls to get it fixed! But alas here I am…I know you all missed me terribly! 😛

So it is absolutely official: we are the whitest family in Hawaii! We just may come back and be the tannest family in Sitka, but we are still the Casper’s of the Hawaiian Islands! 😀 But as a wise woman once told me, “You call it white, I call it cancer free!”


…And Down

Aidan has been having a blast in the awesome “lagoon like” pool. It is just like the beach and has sand and a gradual downward slope. So it is perfect for a toddler. We were a little too over zealous the first day and Dad-Oh and I got some serious sunburn action on our backs. Aidan escaped unscathed (thank goodness). He was slathered in baby spf 50. Why we thought we were immune and could go without I’ll never know. We have been laying low the last two days. We took a nice stroll along the beach yesterday and had a playground/sand day today.

Hawaiian Skies

I’ll write more later, I am just happy to be able to log on! FINALLY! But I need to go to bed soon because the little one has been waking up by 5 am. Thanks to a three hour time change from Seattle! Before I go…in case you all were wondering he did fantastically on the six hour plane ride from Seattle. He slept for the first hour and a half or so and then played, ate, watched Backyardigans, read this about 100 times and ripped a few pages of the in flight magazine!

Sandy Baby



  1. Randi said,

    First let me just say how hard I laughed at your title!! Second, Hawaii!?! I’m Green With Envy;) Sounds like TONS of fun! Bring a tan back for me, huh? Enjoy your time!

    p.s. Aidan is adorable in his little swim trunks! I love little toddlers in those.

  2. Aunt Larissa said,

    Yea!!!!!!!! You’re up & running again!! 😆 I was checking every day! Adorable photos in the pool, and Aidan at the beach! He looks like he is LOVING his Hawaiian holiday 😉 I am so excited for the kids to play together in March! We miss you bunches!!

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    YAY…and finally!!! Just goes to show you what a little “withholding” can accomplish. 😉

    Aidan looks SO happy in those pictures, it actually made me a little teary. Just pure joy…

    And those ARE wise words!

  4. […] suppose now I’ll have to forgive Auntie Renfro for being in Hawaii because she preserved my wisdom for posterity.  Only a little forgiveness […]

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