September 26, 2007


Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 9:03 pm by Momma

I know I promised a Buggle Times post tonight, but that will have to be postponed a few nights. I am still trying to get caught up on sleep, and chores. I had my web design class last night and have two assignments due tomorrow! I completed one tonight, hence the no Buggle post, and have the second assignment slated for tomorrow night!

On top of all this I came back to as crazy work schedule with way too much work crammed in to way too little time….but go figure! And last night I spent nearly two hours trying to fix my home PC’s dumped cache. All my passwords and memory was dumped while I was gone–including my web class and site admin for this site. Needless to say all of this craziness is making me count the sleepins’ until the weekend!!!

Okay, one picture of the cuteness…


This picture was taken at the Children’s Museum in Seattle. This little girl hugging The Buggle was 16 months old, and absolutely infatuated with him! We had never seen her before, but instantly upon seeing my little guy she steam rolled him with about a dozen hugs! 😛 And all he was interested in was his pear!


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  1. laura said,

    Kids are so weird!

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