August 28, 2007

Future Draft Pick

Posted in Baby's First, Parenting at 6:21 am by Momma

Dad-Oh has been waiting way too long for this picture. Between getting home too late, dinner and a cranky Buggle it has taken nearly a month to successfully acquire this prized pic.

Look out NBA Draft 2025!

Slam Dunk

For those of you who don’t still have the NBA draft saved on your DVR…..The Buggle is sporting his new Greg Oden, #52 jersey from GG Bill & Dot. Who is Greg Oden you ask? “Only the greatest draft pick in over ten years!” In a crazy “against the odds” lottery pick he was drafted by The Portland Trailblazers. Can you even believe it?  Yeah, me either! HA!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Dude – where’s the Ocho Cinco jersey??

  2. laura said,

    Cool picture! Aidan’s a mighty strong kiddo 🙂

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