August 26, 2007

The Buggle Times: Month Thirteen

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Dear Buggler Boy,

Today you turned thirteen months old. This has been a month full of big changes. This month I saw you change from a baby into a toddler. It nearly happened in one evening. That night you were walking back and forth between the couches. Walking to me across the room, walking like you had been walking all your life. That very same night was when you decided you didn’t need the bee-boo before bed. For the record, little one that’s too much growing up in one day! Your dear ole Momma can’t handle all that big boy-ness all at once. When you woke up the next morning, you were all boy–big boy. It literally happened over night, right before my eyes!

You still have not perfected the art of walking but you get an A for effort! You might not be completely upright just yet, but you are a quick little stinker. You can get from one room to another and up the stairs faster than I can close the fridge! 🙂 Your curiosity and busyness has exploded this month. You can open and close just about everything. You can climb like a little monkey.

Case and point:

Helping With The Chores

I just may lose my job for publishing this one!

Is this Apple Juice?

You have mastered lifting the toilet seat lid, making certain that it won’t come crashing back down on your little noggin. You have some crazy fixation with the Diaper Dekor in your room and you have thrown away many interesting items. Some of your faves: puzzle pieces, lotion, butt cream, shoes, and books. Here is some of your handy work.

Be Gone!

You are still working on mastering sleeping through the night. You are close, but still not there yet. Much to our dismay. You’re on the right track and it shouldn’t be long before you are sawing logs all night long–you ARE your father’s son!

Since you are no longer a bee-boo man you have added cow’s milk to your diet. At first you were a little hesitant and not too sure what to think, but now you slurp it down without hesitation. You have only used a bottle once in your life, so instead of introducing it now you drink all your liquids from a big boy cup. Not even a sippy cup–a glass, just like a big boy! With a straw even! Without a straw you tend to be a bit over zealous with your drinks and end up spitting 90% of it down the front of your shirt. With a straw there is virtually no mess, which Mommy LOVES! 😛

Today I set up your little blow up pool, complete with warm hot tub water! 😛 So after your nap I took you outside and introduced you to your new pool. It of course was a hit. With my luck it’ll rain for the rest of the year and that will be your first and last pool excursion. But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

My Pool

We can’t possibly forget the Puppers:

Common In The Water’s Great!


Little Neva had to check things out too:

That’s One Big Water Dish!

This was a very busy month. This is the month my Buggler Boy became a toddler! This morning when you were ever so gracefully lifting the lid to the toilet to give your bottle of Tylenol a swirlie, I said: “Aidan, no no that’s yucky.” And you turned, looked at me, gave a really? look, and gently closed the lid and plopped down and continued playing with your toys! You listened! And OBEYED! I was so proud of you!

No matter how big you get, and no matter what life throws my way I will always have that on the verge of tears pride for you my angel! It’s simply impossible to describe….

Bunches of Love,



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  1. ggdot said,

    I can’t believe the pictures and stories can get any better but they do. What great pics, especially the little guy getting his drink from the fridge. What a guy.

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