August 18, 2007

Bye Bye, Bee Boo?

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 1:25 pm by Momma

WARNING: This post is about my boobs! If you are at all offended: DO NOT READ ON…

I had it all planned out, it was the perfect weaning plan. After our trip to Portland next month, we would come back and begin the “perfect weaning plan.” It was going to be best for all of us. Dad-Oh will have recovered from lack of sleep, The Buggle would be able to have bee-boo on the plane, and I would have night time help from Dad-Oh. Can you see the perfectness?!

Well apparently, The Buggle had a different plan….a plan all his own. Our typical night time routine includes, tubby time, jammies, and a little snack-a-roo before dreamland. Last night The Buggle was sooooo tired from practicing his walking skills (he’s getting soooo good!) that after he got his jammies on he was perfectly content drifting off with only his binkie. Hmm….I thought? I’ll just wait a few minutes and he’ll toss the binkie to the floor and “go to work” as Dad-Oh calls it. Nope, not a chance. He was out cold in less than five minutes. So, I figured the inevitable is looming near anyway I would hunker down and prepare for a rough night. I told myself unless he gave clear signs of needing the ole boobie I would do my best to get him back to sleep another way.

I was definitely a rough night, but he never tried to nurse. I think he was just overly tired and fussy rather than in need of the boob. He woke up this morning at his usual 6:30 am (yuck) and was a happy little guy, just as he always is. We went downstairs and had some breakfast and he was on his merry little way.

I was only nursing two, maybe three times at night anyway. So, it’s not like I’m cutting off his main food supply cold turkey. The kid is definitely getting enough to eat! He is SOLID! Or as Dad-Oh calls him “he’s a beast in the middle!” Apparently, it has some football connotation?!

So I prepared myself to battle the afternoon nap time this afternoon. It took a bit more to get him down and he would have loved to suck his way into dreamland, but I told myself I would give it ten minutes and see what happened. He tossed his binkie out once, and did two rounds of fussing (never crying) and then was out like a light! So folks, it appears that my baby boy is on his way to toddler hood! 😥 It almost makes me want to have another–ALMOST!!!

Last night after putting him to bed I came downstairs kinda sad. With all the walking, and not needing the bee-boo all in one day…my little guy doesn’t need me anymore! 😦 Dad-Oh’s response, “Yeah, he’s practically off to college! If you need someone to give them attention–I’m available!” Yeah, I bet you are! My reply? BACK OFF MISTER! I haven’t officially closed up shop yet!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Give him a good squirt in the eye and he’ll back off!

    The growing up is oh so hard…

  2. Randi said,

    Ah yes weaning time…I remember how sad I was when it was time to pack up the milk bar. But good for you for going this long! I went a year as well and was so happy that I did.

    It’s so hard watching them grow and become more independent. He will now need you in other ways:)

  3. laura said,

    😛 sounds like it’ll be a little while yet, Jen!

  4. pluckymama said,

    I can’t believe you were still feeding him so often at night!! You’re either amazing or nuts to have fed so much at night for so long. The moment Silas turned 3 months I popped a soother in his mouth when he woke at night…alll done. Ike doesn’t have a sucky so I dunno what to do…

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