August 16, 2007

The Buggle Times: Month Twelve

Posted in Buggle Times, Motherhood, Parenting at 7:40 pm by Momma

Dearest Buggler Boy,

I am beyond delinquent in writing this post, and don’t even have a good reason why. Today you turn 55 weeks old (Because Auntie Manda LOVES it when children are referred to by weeks)! Yep, even a Sitka High core plus math student doesn’t need her TI-83 calculator to figure out that I am a full THREE weeks late writing this post.

ANYWAY, my intent was to include your one year montage video with this post, but unfortunately it exceeds YouTube’s upload limit. That’s what you get for being so darn cute–a 15 minute montage! 😛 Many of you have seen it and can attest to its cuteness.

There is something about this month that makes it very hard for me to write. I don’t know if it is the fact that you’re ONE YEAR old, or possibly the fact that it’s August and I am very ready for Dad-Oh to be through fishing so I can sleep again? I don’t know? Or maybe I feel that since this is your BIG post that it has to be perfect, and I can’t begin to get the words from my heart to the computer screen in a way that could ever begin to describe the love, pride, and sheer amazement I have for you each and every day.

You have been an absolute gift of life. I still wonder how and what we ever did without you. Our lives are consumed in every single moment with all that is our precious baby boy. And neither one of us would have it any other way.

Sweet angel baby when you came into this world you gave us the most precious gift of all: FAMILY! I eternally thank you!

Bunches of Love,




  1. Randi said,

    What a sweet post:) He is your greatest gift! It so hard to put into words how these little people change our lives, for the better. It’s unreal sometimes to think about. They grow up way too fast!

  2. pluckymama said,

    It’s crazy how fast they go through the baby stage. The toddler stage awaits you and it’s COMPLETELY different but totally magical as well. I can’t believe my little one is almost two. Time sure does pass when life gets amazing hey?

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    Well, you did it…the post IS perfect. Thanks for the tears!! :mrgreen:

    But, uh…I know of one particular person who HASN’T seen the video!! And she’s not even going to bitch at you about the 55 weeks comment!

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