August 11, 2007


Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 8:06 pm by Momma

It is absolutely beautiful here today! The Buggle had quite the busy morning! He started with a play date at Carly Jo’s house, then we all headed down to Chelan (the mobile fruit truck from Washington), next to the park, then to lunch with Auntie Jill. Whew…after all that the little guy needed a nap! 😛

I think he thought it was his lucky day when a guy at Chelan handed him a fresh slice of cantaloupe, then some cherries, and finally a slice of nectarine!

The kids had a blast at the park. It’s so nice when they can play outside without a fleece coat!

The kiddos weren’t the only ones having fun! Mommy had a pretty good time too! 😛

Here We Go…




  1. pluckymama said,

    you have a sister named Jill? Your name is Jennie? I have sister’s Jennie and Jill…weird. I wanna go to a fruit truck!!

  2. Momma said,

    Well kinda….not so much a sister as a friend since 5th grade. And no one’s called me Jenny since I was little….so close but not quite perfect.

  3. Auntie Lar said,

    😛 Yippee!! Sunshine in Sitka! What a novelty 😆 Jazzie & Mommy have been getting a surplus in S. California 😉 We sure miss you Buggle, & Auntie Jen! We’ll have to have a play date Wed. for sure!!

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