August 9, 2007


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As you know today was the last day of parent-tot gym class. 😥 I’m really bummed because he was really getting in to it and he’s just days away from walking. Darn the school year starting anyway! I love seeing him play with his little friends. His latest teething game involves chasing after the kids to try to bite a chunk of their arms! Maybe he is just wanting to expand his palate from the taste of Mommy’s arms?! Yesterday he crawled right up to a Daddy and bit down on the rubber part of his sneaker! The boy is majorly teething! I don’t know where either, every time I try to investigate he thinks it’s an open invite to chomp.

In honor of the last day of gym class I purposed a group photo. Even though herding cats would seem easier than wrangling ten children all under the age of three, it went surprisingly well. Five or six of us parents had our cameras with us so once we got the kids all on the mat, we all started clicking away. With all the flashes and “oh’s and ahh’s” you would have thought it was a red carpet event! It was much easier than the Birthday photo! I didn’t even need to photo shop anyone in! 😛

Here is the best one I got, even though The Buggle looks slightly irritated (prolly because he wasn’t gnawing on somebody) it’s still a keeper.

Gym Buddies

Left to right: Ianna (20 months), Madison (18 months), Carly Jo (29 months), Gracie (24 months), Aidan (12 months), Jacob (15 months), Marina (32 months). Back row: Brandon (24 months), Makenna (8 months) and Rowan in the car seat (4 months).

And less than a minute later:

Outta Here


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  1. jim said,

    boy it only takes a minute to loose their attention. i really enjoyed visiting their gym class. they are all so cute.

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