August 3, 2007

Monkey Boy

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 11:27 am by Momma

The Buggle is quite the monkey bar expert at gym class! I hung him off the bar one day this week (mainly to see what he would do) and he held on like an Olympian! He would laugh and smile as everyone cheered him on. After a good 30 seconds I tried to help him off but he was still good to go, so I helped him do a back flip over the bar. Then, he thought he was too cool for school, giggling and smiling as the other parents and children watched.

Monkey Man

That night I came home and told Dad-Oh about our little mans talent and he was so bummed that he couldn’t see. So the next day I brought the camera. And let me tell you how hard it is to try to take pictures and video and make sure he doesn’t bust his head open at the same time!

This time I scooted the blue block under the bar and stood him on top. Not even a second later he leaned forward, grabbed the bar and lift off! He lifted his little legs from under him and he was swinging away with the biggest grin I have ever seen! 😛


One of the Mommies said, “Scott (her husband, who came the day before) came home last night and was like you should have seen Aidan on the monkey bars–it was amazing! Wow! Was he right!”

That was nice to hear! It always makes you feel good when someone complements your kiddo! Way to go Buggler Boy!!!



  1. Randi said,

    How cute! Just look at him. His little face is priceless. You can see he’s proud of himself 😉

  2. gramps dean said,

    ok, where is the gym and what time do i need to be there.

  3. laura said,

    Good job, dude!

    You’ll have to keep up with the gym class, Jen! There may be a future in gymnastics for this kid…

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