August 2, 2007

Stand Up and Be Counted!

Posted in Baby's First, Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 4:59 am by Momma

We all have been very busy these last few days, visiting with out of town friends, trying to keep up on laundry, and sleep and it took me longer than I thought to recover from the birthdays last week! Also I am a little sad that my last post received little fan fare. I know I am an over the top Mommy ogling over her child’s first steps, but common they’re his FIRST STEPS! They’re important! And my first comment came from someone I don’t even know!!! But anyway……

The Buggle is making more progress towards being an upright little guy. He still is very wobbly but can stand upright for long periods and take a few steps forward.

Standing Man Guy

Here is a VERY short video of him standing and plopping down because he knows he can still get there faster by crawling!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    He looks so grown up when he’s standing!! I love how he looks shocked to be standing upright…so cute!

    I saw that you called the other night but we have NO service in Podunk, GA. More bars in more places my ass!!

    Give that big boy some love from me and I will call you Sunday!

  2. grandpa jim said,

    the bottoms of his feet must have flattened out finally. must be from wearing all those kool kicks. we wanted to come watch in person but we got sick this week so have stayed away. keep posting, it is a highlight of many peoples day,
    we are proud of the little man

  3. laura said,

    Sorry about the lack of comments! Once you come out with a video I’ll have Deeds watch it 😀

  4. Pam said,

    We can’t come to admit that we are stalking the buggle as much as we really are… ok, now that the secret is out, just know we think he is “uber-cute” post or no-post 😉

  5. grandma Fava said,

    Our little man is growing up folks!! 🙂 Everyday he does something new that amazes me, his humming while eats, just is the funniest thing ever!
    I could go on forever. I love you bugs!!

  6. grandma Fava said,

    Oh ya great Outfit!! 😉 Grammie got you that!!

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