July 15, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Posted in Motherhood, Parenting at 7:12 pm by Momma

No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, I’ve just been playing catch up for the last four days. We cut a day off of the end of our trip and left Seattle early. We got home Wednesday morning and surprised Dad-Oh later that day! I was in for a bit of a surprise too….Dad-Oh was totally batch-ing it while we were gone and the house was in major need of a vacuuming and some trips to the garbage can were a must! 😀 I’ll cut him some slack since he did think we were coming home the next day. However, I seriously doubt he would have taken the vacuum for a spin!

The Buggle is sooo happy to be home! When we came in the door, I set him on the carpet like I always do and he got a huge grin on his face and high-tailed it to his toys under the plant table, made sure they were still there and then boogied in the TV room to check on his basket of toys and books in there. Apparently, all was A-okay, because he played in there all by himself for nearly an hour! For a nearly one-year old, three minutes is a long time to hold his attention let alone a full hour! This was really helpful, because I was able to start some laundry, and unpack a bit. Not before riding my house of week old garbage!

Since then I have been trying to make up sleep I lost on the trip. It hasn’t been working too well, because the little stinker has been sleeping terrible since we got back. I think he got to liking sleeping with Mommy every night and now his crib seems like a bum deal! We’re trying to get back on track…slowly but surely!

Friday was Dad-Oh’s first day off since May 13th! We had a lovely family day. We started it with breakfast out, and then we headed to The Buggle’s play group, then we headed home where we all napped for almost two hours! Ahhhh! It was fun for Dad-Oh to be able to see The Buggle play with his buddies at play group. Much better than me describing what he did the entire time.

Dad-Oh sure missed his little guy! The day we left I was trying to get all the last minute things packed and load the luggage into the car and The Buggle was in to everything! Finally he sat and entertained himself on the bathroom floor for a while. Unrolling toilet paper and pulling tampons out of the box kept him busy long enough for me to load the luggage. Since it was pointless for me to clean up before we left, I just left the TP and tampons on the bathroom floor, thinking Dad-Oh would take care of it…..

Well….when we came home there was the TP and tampons sitting on the floor just how we left them. I knew I would be coming home to a mess, but I thought for sure that would be picked up….

Later that night, I found out that Dad-Oh left it that way, because, “When I went in there I could feel his little spirit, and it made me happy to know he was having fun in there!” 😛 Awe! Okay, I guess I forgive you for not taking the garbage out!


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  1. Auntie Manda said,

    You’re too easy…methinks that was just a line. But sweet nonetheless. Dick would have said “Well, I didn’t make the mess. Why should I clean it up?” 🙂

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