July 6, 2007

Hot, Hot, HOT!

Posted in Nugget at 8:42 pm by Momma

Well we made it–sorta… It has been a long three days! It started out with a bang. When we arrived in Seattle I went straight to the rental car agency to get that taken care of while my mom waited for luggage. I stood in an impossible line for over twenty minutes only for the agent to tell me that there was NO record of my reservation, and that they were all sold out and I was unable to re-rent a vehicle. Right on, fantastic way to begin the trip…. I headed to airport services, checked my email for my confirmation code, took it to the rental kiosk downstairs and we found out that my reservation was changed to the THIRD not the forth! BRIAN, the amazing worker at Alamo hooked me up with the only SUV they had, I had to RE-PAY but at this point I didn’t care.

Off to the hotel….I head up to the front desk, give the lady my name and….nothing! So I head to the business center, check my email for my confirmation number, bring it back to her, and she types it in the computer and proceeds to tell me that my reservation has been CANCELED. She didn’t know how, when or by who but she was able to reinstate it and we were good to go! The irony of this is that this is the first time that I didn’t bring the confirmation print outs with me. I have always printed out the confirmations and have never needed them…until now apparently! Murphy’s Law!

The room….I take my laptop out of my back pack and notice that I managed to bust my wireless USB card off in the USB terminal, crumple my Ethernet port, and bang up the back a bit. Luckily I pried the broken USB prongs out of the wireless card, smooshed back the Ethernet port and use the second USB port. In other words I can still access the Internet!

Heading to Sac-Town…all has been fine so far! I called from the airplane to confirm my car reservation and they DID have record of it! Yippee, the only problem is the rental agencies are all off site at the Sac airport, so I had to take a shuttle to get to the lot. It was FAR! I thought I was gonna see the “Welcome to Oregon” sign!

The heat….ugh!!! It has been over 100 everyday! Yesterday 111, today 108, tomorrow….HOT. The Buggle has been avoiding the sun and the heat as much as possible. Before we go anywhere I crank the AC in the car for at least 20 minutes, I have three sunshade in the back seat blocking all sun beams, and he gets dropped off at the front doors of all activities. Poor little pasty white Sitka boy has never been above 70 in his life!!! He has been such a trooper! He misses his house, and his routine and most of all his Dad-Oh!!

The Wedding is tomorrow night and then we head back to Seattle on Monday (maybe earlier…?). We gotta get out of this heat!


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  1. Auntie Manda said,

    “Smooshed”? Is that a technical term? 😯

    Fair warning – coming back to Seattle early won’t save you much from the heat. We are expecting high eighties, low nineties all next week. It’s not 108, tho. 😎

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