June 25, 2007

The Buggle Times: Month 11

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Dearest Buggler Boy,

Today you turn ELEVEN months old! Only one more month until the big O.N.E. year old birthday. I am having the hardest time wrapping my head around my little boy turning one. It blows my mind! The past week I have been telling people, “he’ll be eleven months on Wednesday.” Then when I looked at my calendar I realized–you turn eleven months on TUESDAY! I guess my subconscious is trying to keep you little! It’s unreal how fast this year has flown by!

You are such a little person, with thoughts, wishes, determination and most the intriguing little personality. It always amazes me how entertained I am by you. I can spend an entire day with you as my only company and enjoy every second of it!

This month we have been busy with gym class. After a rough first week you really took to it! You would crawl from station to station squealing, searching for your friends. You meet another little boy 9 days older than you and became fast friends. Carly Jo and Jazzie provided you comfort in knowing your old pals were near. This class was really great for you to socialize with other kids. It was amazing how much you opened up in just two short weeks. You ran around like you owned the place on the last day!


Here you are practicing your tripod hand stand move. Mary Lou Retton–watch out!


With all the fevers and fussiness you went through this month it’s a wonder you don’t have a mouth full of teeth! But, alas you still only have your two bottom pearly whites. No signs of any new teffers sprouting up anytime soon. You make sure to put those two little teeth to good use though, gnawing on any and everything available. You eat just about any and everything we do. With the exception of the major no-no’s: honey, nuts, milk, citrus… You go buck nutty for cantaloupe! You have even nearly crawled out of the shopping cart seat to the basket part to try to get a hold of the yumminess! Your favorite toy at play group is a plastic toy cantaloupe. You’ll crawl around with it the entire time, stopping only occasionally to try and gnaw a hunk off–unsuccessfully of course!

Your latest and greatest trick is climbing the stairs. Not just climbing the stairs but climbing the stairs with a toy. You love hauling a ball to the top and watching it bounce down to the bottom. You are learning how to go down the stairs. Once you get in the right position you can navigate your way down fairly easily. Getting yourself positioned right in the first place is where you have problems. I can watch your little brain work, and process all the potential solutions. It’s so amazing. You tried to go down hands first on you knees but then you thought about it (it almost looked like you played it out in your mind) you decided that wasn’t the best way to proceed and you turned yourself around and went backwards on your tummy! Smart boy!!! πŸ˜›

Here you are hauling the lid to your shape sorter up the stairs.

Camera Break

You’re beginning to figure out that there is a better way to get around than on your hand and knees, but still have a bit more work to do before you’re completely walking. These last few weeks you have been much braver letting go and grabbing another object. If I catch you off guard, you’ll stand by yourself for several seconds before grabbing me. I’m sure it won’t be much longer before you’re running down the hill! Yikes! 😯

Yes, Mommy?

In less than two weeks you will embark on your third plane trip. We are going to Schnitz’s wedding and to HOPEFULLY see Tater. I am a little nervous on how you will handle the drastic change in weather, but hopefully with a little pre-planning on my part and some serious AC you’ll do fabulously!

So now it’s the big countdown to The Backyardigan’s Birthday extravaganza! In just four short weeks my precious little angel will be one year old! I have no idea how that happened! Oh, yeah…in case any of you were wondering if this makes me sad and want to try for a little sister, I say: “Are you freaking kidding me???”

What a Face

Happy eleven months, angel. Mommy loves you more than I could EVER express in words on this blog!

Bunchs of Love,




  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Can’t wait to see you Big Boy Buggles! Stop growing already!

  2. laura said,

    He’s looking a whole lot more like a toddler these days, Jen πŸ™‚

    Especially in the last picture!

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