June 21, 2007

I’ve Been Tagged!!!

Posted in Nugget at 8:10 pm by Momma

Wow, my first internet tag! Guess I am really somebody now! Well here goes nothing!

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

Always a Work In Progress

Mummy Musings

The Epic of Mom

The Informal Matriarch

All About Aidan

What were you doing ten years ago?

Well….just about to enter my senior year in high school. I can’t even believe my TEN year reunion is next summer! Ugh…I’m old!

What were you doing one year ago?

HATING LIFE! Itching my skin off from this. Counting down the minutes to my due date!

Five snacks you enjoy:

  1. Anything chocolate
  2. Any scrumptious baked good made by Auntie Niki
  3. Scones
  4. Oatmeal rasin cookies from McDonalds (they’re soooo good, I promise)
  5. Did I mention chocolate?

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:

Hmmm….well I certainly haven’t been following the Billboard top 100 lately but here goes nothing…

  1. Anything Backyardigans
  2. Do I Make You Proud–Taylor Hicks
  3. Streetcar Symphony–Rob Thomas
  4. Heaven–Live
  5. 100 Years–Five for Fighting

Five things I would do if I were a Millionaire:

  1. Pay off all our debt!
  2. Buy nice things for my Mommy
  3. Start a major savings plan for The Buggle
  4. Revise Auntie Amanda’s “Plan!”
  5. Donate

Five bad habits:

What only five? This is the only easy one!

  1. Slightly OCD about cleanliness! It’s next to Godliness, I’ve heard
  2. The Mommy lick
  3. Procrastination
  4. Spending way too much time online! Which leads me to:
  5. Way too much Internet SHOPPING! 😯

Five things you like to do:

  1. Snuggle my Buggle
  2. Snuggle my Hubby
  3. See number 5 of last category!
  4. Travel
  5. Play on the computer

Five things you would never wear again:

Oh god…..

  1. Tight rolled jeans
  2. Slap its
  3. Exclamation perfume
  4. Aqua net
  5. ANYTHING spandex

My favorite toys:

  1. Camera
  2. Computer
  3. Cell phone
  4. Big screen TV
  5. Stroller

I’m tagging:

Well since nearly half of my blogroll are site I have created and am still co-administering, this is kinda hard….

  1. They call me Tater
  2. Life According to Laura
  3. Tracking the Tremains
  4. Heather Nickole


  1. Pam said,

    Allright… we got tagged and did it! I failed to tag anyone else though…I added your site to mine, if you want me to take it off just let me know and I will… I stole Amanda’s too…

    Hope all is going well, and you need to either get Jill on the ball about sending Kai pictures around OR post some for her 🙂

    Hugs, Pam

  2. […] 24th, 2007 at 8:22 am (Tater) This is me blatantly ignoring the tag I received.  Too much work, I’d have to like think and […]

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