June 8, 2007

That’s MY Boy!

Posted in Baby's First, Buggle Bite, Video at 5:04 am by Momma

Just when I thought he couldn’t get any cuter, he goes and does something like this!

Sadly, the image quality is not the best. Dad-Oh grabbed the first camera he could find and started filming! Isn’t he just about the cutest thing you ever did see?



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    And this made MY whole day! Although I hate to burst your bubble because to me it sounds as tho he is bitching his mom, mom, mom, mom out!

    One of the best videos yet! 🙂

  2. laura said,

    Deeder says “mum mum mum” when I feed him too, wonder what it means in baby talk?

  3. Aunt Larissa said,

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo precious!! 😆
    I dream of the day Jazzy says Ma, Ma, Ma!! 😉

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