June 2, 2007

A Buggle and A Beagle

Posted in Buggle Bite at 8:29 pm by Momma

These photos need no explanation. Just A Buggle and A Beagle on a sunny day! 😎

Okay maybe a little explanation…The Buggle is wearing his new shoes that actually go on with ease and STAY on! Imagine that! They are called Weebeez by Baby Deer. I ordered them from Macys.com and am seriously considering ordering them in the next size too! Hey, when you find something that works–you stay with it! Oh yeah, one more thing…the Huntington Beach hoodie he is wearing was given to him by one of Dad-Oh’s clients and it is a size 2T!

Bugs and Beages

Bugs and Beages II



  1. laura said,

    Deeder just outgrew his Carters shoes too. Those are quite the fancy shoes you having going on there, Aidan!

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    Hey, I saw shoes this weekend just like Buggles in big people sizes! You should get Dad-Oh a matching pair!! 🙂

  3. Joanne said,

    How cute is Aidan!!!! Even his doggie is cute!! What a big boy he is in his new shoes. Does he have any miles on them? It might be a little soon for him to be walking but I bet he is close!!

    I will be e-mailing you over the weekend to get a “real weather and fishing report.” We got back from Mexico on Friday and are busy getting ready for our trip to Sitka. Can’t believe it has been 3 year since we were last there!!

    That is great news that your Mom will be able to be with Aidan this summer. There is nothing like a grandparents love!! Siempre, Joanne

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