May 26, 2007

The Buggle Times: Month 10

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Dearest Buggler Boy,

Today you turn TEN months old! You are such a little person now. Changing and discovering new things everyday! The biggest accomplishment this month has been hands down your mastery of crawling. You are such a silly little guy, Dad-Oh and I were beginning to think that crawling wasn’t for you and that you would head straight for walking. You gave us no signs that crawling was in your future. No rocking, scooting, comando crawling, nada… The morning of April 29th Dad-Oh came upstairs while I was still sleeping and says, “Hey, you might wanna wake up and come downstairs, your son is down there crawling.” Of course I thought that was just a clever way of him telling me to get up, but sure enough you were down there crawling like a pro. I am still astonished how you went from nil one day to total perfection the next.

Crawling Baby Alert

You have had several play dates with Jazzie and Carly Jo since all the Dad-Oh’s have started fishing again. It’s great for the three of you to get together and practice sharing and playing nice, and it’s even better for us Mommy’s to get together and talk about things other than The Backyardigans and nursery rhymes! Each time we all get together there is a mass photo op, but needless to say expecting a soon to be six month old, a ten month old, and a twenty seven month old to sit, smile, be nice and produce a studio style portrait is asking a bit much! Yes, sadly this is the best Momma got! Somebody got the picture where they were all looking, but alas it was not me! 😦

The Gang

You are beginning to understand and obey my requests…well sometimes anyway. You have “more” nailed down! I can be across the room and say, “Aidan, more” and you instantly turn and come crawling my way. When I come home from work we sit on the floor and share a yogurt, and when I tell you “on your bum” you plop down and start signing “more.” It’s adorable! It’s amazing how young you are and yet how much you understand! We were visiting baby Everett a few weeks ago and his Mommy was feeding him a snack and you crawled right up to her and started signing “more” until you got your own bowl of goodies! Such a clever little devil! We are currently working on the sign for “drink.” You’re getting there, and seem to understand what it means but you still haven’t done it back to me. Today in the store we were talking to some friends and I said, “Aidan, say hi” and you began flapping you little hand happily in the air and then she said, “alright, give me five!” And believe it or not you slapped her hand perfectly. I don’t think anyone has ever asked you that before and you knew just what to do! I’m pretty sure my baby is a genius! 😛 Okay, a little over-the-top Momminess for ya!

In celebration of your ten month birthday today, we went to the local “toy store” (I put it in quotes because it’s FAR from a KB) and picked out two new toys. I know, toys are the last thing you need when you have the dog water to play in! But since I still had some credit left I thought it would give us something fun to do. You picked out this really cool ball-blower-popper-up thingy. It plays music and forces air up through a tube that pops the balls out and then they land on a little tray, and spiral back to do it all over again! Technology these days I tell ya! We got it home and played for a while and you were mesmerized, you kept trying to catch the balls as the popped out the top! Dad-Oh would be so proud!


Your world of food continues to expand daily. New menu items this month include: string cheese, yogurt, deli turkey and ham, pickles (thanks to Grammie), refried beans, chicken tenders, noodles, asparagus, broccoli, pineapple, and rice. I’m sure there are more, but these are a few of your faves!

The Messier the Better

Last by certainly not least we should talk about your new little chompers you have sprouting up in your mouth. The two bottoms are fully cut and can be seen pretty easily. By the way you have been acting the last few days I think you might be starting to cut one on the top. Yippee! Don’t worry I have the Tylenol and teething tabs at arms reach at all times!

I can’t even believe I have only one more The Buggle Times to write before your first birthday! The time has flown by, and while I am sad to see yesterday go, I am eagerly awaiting what new and exciting things tomorrow will bring!

Picture Perfect

Bunches of Love,




  1. laura said,

    As I was reading what you said about Aidan starting crawling out of the blue I was reminded of a story I read about a girl who did the same with talking. She didn’t speak for ages, they thought she had something wrong with her…then when she reached a particular age she opened her mouth and had a *huge* vocab! Kid’s are weird! hehe…ok, I should say “unique”.

    Diederick is also understanding being asked to do things and how to get what he wants in ways other than crying, it’s grand! Don’t you just feel like you’re learning so much about what kind of a person Aidan’s going to be? We’re soon to close the chapter of babyhood and see the little guys begin full fledged boyhood.

    Happy 10 months, Aidan! 🙂

  2. pluckymama said,

    Goodness he’s growing. They sure don’t stay babies for long.

  3. grandma Fava said,

    It was also a special month for grammie 🙂 On one afternoon after your nap. Grammie ask for a kiss and you planted a big wet one right on my lips, I almost cryed, I asked again and you gave me another kiss. Wow 2 in a row I love you so much little buggles!! 😎

  4. Auntie Manda said,

    I love that he crawled on my birthday! Think he’s trying to tell me something? A subliminal “MOVE TO SITKA” maybe? 🙂

    I can’t believe he’s so big…I know I will regret mentioning this but the list of “new foods you loved this month” made me misty. I want to see him eat asparagus…how was the after-pee? 😕

    Can’t wait to see you!!

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