May 21, 2007

A Day at The Park: Part II

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting, Video at 9:14 pm by Momma

We have been loving our stretch of beautiful spring weather. We’ve been able to go on an outside outing everyday for almost a week now! All the sunshine is helping us all maintain our sanity during the summer craziness.

The Buggle doesn’t know what to do about all his recent attention from the girls: Jasmine and Carly Jo. We had a play date here on Sunday morning and after the girls left The Buggle was so worn out he slept for three hours without making a single peep! Apparently, entertaining the ladies is hard work!

The day at the park was such a huge success, I had to YouTube it for prosperity! Enjoy! Be sure to watch The Buggle’s face…now that he has bottom teethers he makes the craziest faces! Dad-Oh calls him a “little bulldog!”

WARNING:  High pitched “Mommy” voices ahead!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    That’s about the cutest damn thing I’ve seen! He’s so essited!!

  2. Aunt Larissa said,

    😆 Jen, I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! I will have to redirect friends & family to Buggle’s website to watch it!! Tooooooooooooooo cute! I love how you captured all three of the little munchkins=) From small to medium to big! I was so proud of my Jazzie girl for doing so well on the swing! 😉 O.K Auntie Lar REALLY needs to get the “video” 101 tech lesson Sat. night 🙄

  3. laura said,

    And poor Deeder goes to the park alone!!

    Very cute! And Jen, the high pitched Mommy stuff isn’t that bad, your voice is far more normal than I could ever pull off. 😀

    I agree with Aunt Larissa, pretty cool how you guys lined the kidlets up by size. Carly Jo really can work that swing! Aidan’s all squiggles, and Jazzie’s just checking things out! 🙂

    Glad the weather’s been so great! Today looks pretty promising here as well.

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