May 14, 2007

Full Circle

Posted in Motherhood, Parenting at 2:57 pm by Momma

You know you’re old when the little girl you used to babysit is now babysitting your child! I can’t even believe it! Every time I look at her my mind goes in a hundred different places…”remember when you were six and I taught you to ride a two-wheeler?” or “when you were two and your mom paid me one dollar to play outside with you?” or “when we dressed up in you baton leotards together?” So explain to me again how you have gotten boobs and graduated high school–when you’re eternally six years old?! That’s just crazy making! 😯

So, The Buggle’s routine is much different now that the Dad-Oh is in full charter swing! Or should I say the Momma’s routine is much different now….the last two days I have been on full Buggle duty. My posh days of Dad-Oh taking the morning shift so I can get an extra uninterrupted hour of sleep are LONG gone! It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I am ready to call it a day! Yikes! It’s gonna be a long summer!

I had the “new routine” all planned out and then The Buggle decided to fall asleep in the 3 minute car ride over to pick up the sitter and once we got home he figured he was all done sleeping! Which totally through my peaceful plan of having him nap until Grammie got here.

It’s funny because I can remember when I babysat and I thought it was so silly for the mom’s to be all paranoid and calling every fifteen minutes, and now I totally get it! I have even tried rationalizing with myself. Which goes something like this….you had lots of babysitters and you turned out fine, you don’t remember things from when you were nine months old, it’s only four hours, if things go wrong you’re only ten minutes away….but of course then I have ten excuses for each rationale: fine, I turned out fine? who’s definition are we using here, four hours is half his day, only ten minutes away–what if there is a fire? A car accident? Traffic? And it goes on and on….

All and all I have the new mommy freak-outs, which in time will take care of itself. And I’m sure when he’s two and bouncing off the walls and talking back, I’ll be all for dropping him off with anyone that has a pulse ! 😛



  1. dad-o's DAD said,

    i remember how excited we were when “dad-o” went to pre school. yahoooooo!

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    I’m glad you have perspective enough to know that very soon, you will be on your knees praying for someone, anyone to take him far, far away…if only for 10 minutes. 😉

  3. grandma Fava said,

    The first time i took you to the sitter was when you were 6 months old. I had all those feelings plus the lady was Spanish and didn’t speak very much english. I think being busy at work helps those feelings. But you do know a lot of spanish now. Kind of funny 😆
    I love you and thats all you can do is love them little buggers. We’re doing fine when your at work he loves his gramie.


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