May 1, 2007

Not So Mommy of the Year

Posted in Baby's First, Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 7:11 pm by Momma

Ugh, what a night we had last night. The Buggle slept with us last night. These last few nights have been hard because he has been teething and it is easier for me to comfort him in our bed and keep him asleep for longer than 8 minutes. Around 1:45 he fussed around before he found his binker and went back to sleep–so I thought…I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was attacking me for his middle of the night Bee-Boo session so wanting to be proactive I figured I’d get up to pee and then get him to feed. Just as I was walking back in to the very dark room I see my precious angel boy face plant on to the floor. OH MY GOD!!! I can’t believe he just fell off the bed! Poor little guy starts screaming, waking the Dad-Oh from a dead sleep. He starts freaking out yelling at me about “How could you let him,” “Is he hurt bad,” “You know that’s my worst fear….” and others. It was pitch black so I couldn’t really see and I didn’t think rushing him for an examination under the flood lights would help the situation. I could tell there was, thankfully, no blood and I couldn’t feel a bump or scratch.

I held him for a few minutes until he calmed down and then we sat in our chair and he had his snack and was peacefully back in dreamland in less than 20 minutes. Needless to say Momma was not. Ten thousand things were going through my mind, most of which went something like this: “What kind of mother are you…” “What am I gonna say to OCS?” and of course I stayed up and watched him breathe for about two hours because I kept thinking that he might have a concussion and you’re NEVER supposed to let a concussion victim sleep.

When Dad-Oh got up with The Buggle this morning he “watched” him to make sure he was okay and not acting or crawling weird or “treating it gingerly.”

Oh, thanks! So you are evaluating if I permanently brain damaged my child! Thanks for that, way to make me feel a bit shittier about myself!

The Buggle has no visible evidence that anything happened. No bump, bruise, or scratch. I am hoping that his crying was a result of being scared, not hurt.

Got any “Not So Mommy of the Year” stories to make me feel better?



  1. granpa of buggles said,

    that is just the beginning of a learning process, for the little guy, he is on the move now so he will learn from his mistakes. you, a great mother will not be able to prevent this process completely. i am pretty sure that it will always hurt you more than it hurts him.

  2. Pluckymama said,

    Ya we all feel bad the first time we see our child hurt as a result of us but I got over it quickly. He’s going to get sooo many more bumps and bruises and he’ll fall off of almost every piece of furniture that you own. I had to let that go because they have to learn that they’ll fall if they’re reckless so I just let him fall and he learned. Babies are so bendy and made for falling off things so I wouldn’t worry too much when he gets bumps. I bawled my eyes out when Silas fell off our bed, I felt terrible but he was fine. I also bawled my eyes out when I dropped him on the exersaucer and I bawled when he had his first cry of pain from bonking his head on his daddy’s collar bone. Now I just cuddle him and know that he’s ok, all babies get bumps, and it gets worse the older they get it seems.

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    Um, hello? I poisoned my child with pudding…beat that! 😯

  4. grandpa of buggles said,

    ok, i vote for amanda in the “not so mommy of the
    year” contest. 😳

  5. ggdot said,

    Did you check for indentations on the floor as we did when grandpa of Buggles fell off the top bunk of bunk beds? the sound is something one would never forget. The boys are hardy and will be fine. You will be mommy of the year more then once before Buggles grows up.

  6. Jenny said,

    Pudding? How about a dried up piece of kitty roca straight from the cat box? Got rid of cat boxes. She’s 11 now, managing to survive many years of “not so mommy of the year contests…” and a few more to come I am sure. Did I mention the black eye incurred when she ran into the corner of the entertainment center….. the best-mommy-ever took a taste of a popsicle and said “Mmmm” to entice the sweetie to walk to Mommy instead of Daddy? I am bad. …And …yet …she is still alive and doing quite well. No brain damage that we can tell.

  7. Renee said,

    Hey, I’m the 31 year old mom of ten. We’ve slept with all our babies…Dare I confess that a certain TWO WEEK OLD of mine fell out of bed? Nah, I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen:)

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