April 24, 2007

Buggle In A Box

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 8:52 pm by Momma

A few weeks ago Dad-Oh and I went to town looking for a rocking horse for The Buggle and came back empty handed. With a rocking horse that is, we did manage to find him a push-car-walker thingy. Still wanting to find him some sort of rocking apparatus I scoured Ebay. Because, after all you can find IT on Ebay! Glorious Ebay! I found him the perfect rocking caterpiller. Since it was an over sized item, it would have to go slow boat. 😦 We got the little slip in our box on Saturday after the post office was closed. So Dad-Oh picked it up yesterday morning. I see him enter the house with a box big enough to BE a house. When he sat it down and I looked at the postage stamp…$83.75 to ship! That was $43.75 more than I paid! I guess she learned her lesson about adding the “Alaska and Hawaii” clause! I am shocked she didn’t contact me for more money!

I think The Buggle had as much fun in the box as he did with the toy! 😛

Buggle In A Box



  1. grandpa of buggles said,

    looks like there is room for two in there

  2. Pluckymama said,

    that looks like too much fun. My son would probably try to eat it all though.

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    I guess it’s better than burying him in sand! Where’s the pic of him ON the caterpillar?

    Glad the boycott is over!! 🙂

  4. laura said,

    Goodness! 😮

  5. Jenny said,

    I love all the pics Jenn – he is the cutest ever!

  6. Brenda Christensen said,

    Now if that isn’t the cutest picture I have ever seen! Well I guess its safer than Chuck E. Cheese (all those balls in the net thingy) What a cutie! you should think of Americas funniest home video’s I bet you would get the big prize! Brenda

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