April 19, 2007

Mr. Golden Sun

Posted in Baby's First, Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 8:04 pm by Momma

What a glorious day we had today! Days like today remind me why we live here! Sitka is hands down the most beautiful place to be when the sun is shining, if we could only count on it to shine more often life would be grand!

Today The Buggle experienced the outdoors for the first time minus his coat, fleece hat, and/or stay puff marshmallow suit!


Now that our backyard is no longer a frozen wasteland, The Buggle was able to play on the grass. Which he has never seen before, by the way! He ripped it out, squished it in his fingers, and then sampled a few blades. He played with the Puppers and took his Tonka truck for a spin.

Nature Buggle

The forecast is calling for even more golden sunshine tomorrow! Yippee! Maybe we’ll introduce The Buggle to sand and rocks at Indian River! I’m sure he’ll have a hay day tossing stones in the river!

Twig Tasting 101



  1. laura said,

    That’s AWESOME!!! Completely beautiful weather, and Aidan looks pretty happy with the whole situation too 🙂

  2. Pluckymama said,

    Isn’t it so much fun to let them play outside. Silas also had a wonderful day in the sunshine!

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