April 11, 2007

Law of Gravity

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting at 9:30 pm by Momma

The Buggle is beginning the rough and tumble stage of babyhood. It’s amazing how most bonks to the head, face plants into the carpet, and crib flops go unnoticed. He doesn’t cry or suggest the event even remotely hurt, just adjusts whatever needs adjusting and is on his merry way. The Momma on the other hand, well The Momma just might be cultivating the world’s largest ulcer!

The Dad-Oh is loving the rough and tumble Buggle and is already taking full advantage of playing ball, “developing his coordination,” and hurling him up in the air like he’s releasing homing pigeons! I swear I should attach a dust mop on the top of his head so he can take care of all my “hard to reach” spots. And with cathedral ceilings-we have A LOT! 🙂

What goes up…

So High!

…Must come down!

Safe Again!



  1. Pluckymama said,

    just wait till he starts CLIMBING! Silas has that leaf in his room!

  2. laura said,

    I was just going to ask if that’s a leaf. Heh…Cool

    Yes, those high ceilings are nice, that’s one thing that I miss from our apartment!

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