April 4, 2007

Baby No More

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 8:41 pm by Momma

It’s official my little Buggle is not so little any more. He is starting to pull himself up on things and take control of his environment. Monday night after I changed his pamper I set him in his crib to play and be contained while I went to wash my hands. The bathroom is right next to his room and it took less than a minute to wash my hands, I came back in the room and he was climbing up his crib mobile! YIKES!

Guess it’s time to lower the mattress a notch or two! Yesterday, I lowered it to the middle setting and he is already plotting his escape! I’m sure this setting won’t last long! Next comes the lowest setting, then a mesh lid! 😛 I have a feeling he’ll be one of those boys that flings himself out of his crib in the middle of the night so he can sneak downstairs and watch hours and hours of commercial free DVR’d episodes of The Backyardigans!

I’m Such a Big Boy!

Notice how he is gnawing on the railing…I can remember doing the same thing when I was a kid. My parents had a water bed with vinyl covered cushions over the side rails and I would gnaw on them like they were ribs from Claim Jumper’s! The only difference was that I had teeth, so I would leave perfectly round dental impressions as evidence! Kinda hard to deny!



  1. grandpa of buggles said,

    my vision of him plotting his escape is precious.
    your writing skills are stellar and your subject matter is outstanding

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    Just wait till he starts gnawing on the handles of shopping carts. Apparently, nothing feels better on teething gums than a cold handle where undoubtedly some rank guy just got through blowing his nose in his hand, scratching himself, then gripping the handle once again.

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