March 31, 2007

On The Move

Posted in Baby's First, Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 8:50 pm by Momma

The Buggle is perfecting his ability to get where he wants to go. Not quite a crawl, not really a scoot, not even a slither. More of a get up on my hand and knees point myself in the direction I want to go, then flop and roll about until I get there or until I find something cooler along the way. I have a really cute video of him doing just that. I set the camera to record then encouraged him to come get it (which is usually a big prize) he was all gung-ho until his birdy caught his fancy and the camera wasn’t so special any more. He, then decides to roll himself under the crib, gets irritated that he’s under the crib and his birdy is not, rolls back out grabs his birdy, then rolls back under the crib. He is then so darn happy with himself he giggles out loud! I’ll try to upload the video sometime soon. Until then enjoy the pictures!



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  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Why must you tease us with pictures?!?! We want the video!!

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