March 26, 2007

The Buggle Times: Month 8

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Dear Buggle Boy:

It feels like I just finished Month 7 last week! Being on “vacation” (I put it in quotes because my definition of vacation does not contain the words: oral surgery) really made the month fly by. I remember saying to Grammie before we left that when you came back you would be 7 1/2 months old! And now you’re a FULL eight months! Such a big boy, you are!

Even though Daddy was hopped up on pain killers, we managed to keep busy! Making an appearance at all our regular establishments. You were mostly compliant. We did have to leave Outback before our server came because the Bloomin’ Onion, and Alice Springs Chicken (Hi, Aunite!) were not on YOUR menu!

A few of your “vacation” first’s:

First time sitting like a big boy in restaurant supplied highchairs: Where’s My Ribs?

First time in a dental chair:

Open Wide, Daddy!

First time meeting your Nebraska cousins:

FRIENDS!He Likes Me!

In honor of your 8 month birthday your Daddy introduced you to what he said, “will change your life forever….”

I got Game!

I however, was hoping he was going to pull out the Powerball ticket we bought and say, “we’re rich, we’re rich, filthy-stinking-rich!” Apparently, this was even better…. ❓

We have started giving you finger foods because according to “My Baby This Week” that’s what we need to be doing. And heaven forbid we would be behind a week! Your appetite has really grown this month. You have added pears, apple sweet potatoes, apples plums & bananas, butternut squash & corn, peach oatmeal banana and rice and lentils (which you H.A.T.E.D) to your repertoire. We tried frozen whole wheat bagels but that was a major bust! You gagged yourself and barfed up an entire jar of bananas on the Dad-Oh! Hee hee! I’ve started cutting up bits of fruit for you and letting you practice your pincer grasp, but instead of eating it you like to toss it down to the whining Puppers, because well that’s just what we do! You’re ultimate treat is frozen organic applesauce Popsicles.


Which leads perfectly into the fact that you are either majorly teething or possessed by creatures not from this land! You eat gnaw on everything including my face, which is a sight you don’t see everyday! I knew coming home from our trip we pose a bit of a challenge getting you back on your schedule, but I wasn’t prepared for the wrench, the awful-horrible-wake up every two hours screaming-wrench, your toothers were about to pummel me with! It comes down to Tylenol! Glorious, “where have you been all my life” Tylenol! It’s not the end all, but it does help you sleep in stretches longer than 47 seconds. I hate having to give it to you, but I hate seeing you uncomfortable more!

You have a new found love for your tummy! You can roll and squiggle around the floor and are aware that there must be a better way to get around. Good thing we have an incentive:

I Gotta Get Her!

The best thing you have begun to do this month is miss us. When I come home from work and you see me again after 5 hours you give me the biggest “hi, Momma I missed you smile” I have ever seen. It makes my heart melt every time! It also however, makes leaving for work just about the most painfully heart breaking experience, EVER! I love how seeing me again re-energizes you! You fling yourself into my arms and give me the biggest “hug” and occasionally start gnawing on my face! I wish I never had to leave you! Damn that Powerball ticket! 😦

Bunches of Love,




  1. grandma Fava said,

    Happy Birthday Baby Aidan, Grandpa and Grammie loves you more than you’ll ever know.You have gotten so big so fast. its a treasure to see your smiling face as much i can!!

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aidan, happy birthday to you!

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    When it’s time for Aidan to have his oral surgery, he is so going to my also-works-on-animals dentist. 🙂

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