March 18, 2007

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!

Posted in Baby's First, Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 10:25 am by Momma

Yeah, okay so St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone–I’m a little behind what can I say?! Dad-Oh and I had a night out on the town last night. Well, not really on the town just–out! We had dinner at a friends house minus The Buggle! We had our neighbor babysit. We executed his nite-nite routine, kissed The Buggle on his head, wished him sweet dreams and were off by 7:30! MUCH better than the first time we had a sitter!

We had a great time, it’s nice to get out and about once in a while! We arrived home just after 11 and The Buggle had woken up. He always wakes up between 11-11:20 and shuffles around for his binkie. If it’s not in immediate reach he wakes up more and cries out for help. So when he did this last night she put the binker back in, and I think he got a glimpse that she wasn’t The Momma and woke up a bit more, when I came in he was all grins and giggles to the sitter! I think he was flirting! Either that or awfully excited that Dad-Oh finally got his wish and was able to trade me in for a younger model! 😛

She said he sneezed right after she popped the binker back in and it flew out and smacked him in the head! Poor little guy!

Anyway, perfect opportunity to change his pamper and fill his little tummy up before all three of us settled in to bed!

It’s currently 11:18 am and The Buggle and Dad-Oh are napping together. Well…The Buggle is napping and Dad-Oh is still sleeping from last night! Happy St. Patty’s Day Daddy!

1st St Patty’s Day



  1. ggdot said,

    Is this a painting or a real person? Not all angels live in Heaven- there is one in Sitka. What a great picture .

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    I love that you call it a pamper!! 🙂

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