March 15, 2007


Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 8:57 pm by Momma

I knew it was going to be hard to come back from “America” and go straight to work the next day, but it has really kicked my butt! I am so thankful that today is my Friday and I have the next three days off! It hasn’t helped that The Buggle hasn’t been sleeping as well as he usually does. He got to likin’ sleeping with his Momma every night while we were gone, and now sleeping alone in his crib seems like a raw deal. He has been waking up much easier and calling for me at all hours of the night. Last night I went to bed early (hence the no post), only to be woken up shortly after by Daddy irritated that I went to sleep without telling him. So he kept me up for twenty minutes or so, then he finally fell asleep then The Buggle took a turn. Lucky me! Finally around 7 am when The Buggle refused to sleep any longer Daddy says, “So…did you get enough sleep or am I gonna have to get up!”

“HA!!! If you think after that night of sleep I had, while you sawed logs peacefully in dreamland that I am gonna get up and let you sleep in–you got another thing comin’ Mister!” Okay, so I didn’t say that out loud, but he got the gist with the growl I gave him!

We have a “deal” that I take care of The Buggle during the night and then when he wakes up in the morning, usually around 7-7:30 am it’s all about the Dad-Oh! Occasionally, I find myself feeling guilty about him having to get up, but then I picture him spending a full eight hours IN A ROW tucked under the covers dreaming of sugar plum fairies, and magically the guilt melts away! 😛

Anyway, off to beddy-bye now. Be sure to check out the adorable “Fishin’ Hat” picture in Flickr!


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