March 12, 2007

There’s No Place Like Home

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Thought I’d borrow a line from Dorothy, because I couldn’t have said it better myself! This was not our typical family vacation, that’s for sure! It started, as you know, with snow and a 60+ car pile up along the I-5 corridor which kiboshed my hopes of seeing Tater! So instead of “wetting my panties” I turned around, and since Daddy hadn’t boarded his next plane yet I picked him up at the airport I had just left and we all spent the night in a Sea-Tac hotel. Then the three of us drove south to Portland, where there was no snow! The fun has just begun. We had a few days together before Daddy got his jaw hacked into. The Buggle was a major trooper through out the entire trip, and made it perfectly clear when he reached his limit!

Coming home from the surgery center with an infant and a hopped up spouse drooling blood was HOPEFULLY a once in a life time experience. Boy oh boy did I miss the excersaucer and our arsenal of dvr’d Backyardigans that day! Holding an infant on your hip and convincing and corralling Hubby to bed nearly did me in!

The days following the teeth yanking were very mellow. We tried to do one small outing each day, usually a stroller walk, just to get out of the house and give The Buggle a change of scenery.

Usually, one of the highlights of our trips is being able to eat at our favorite restaurants, which if you live in America you are probably having a chuckle right now. But hey, if you lived on an island with 14 miles of paved road, and three out of the ten marginal restaurants are Mexican food, you’d be excited for Outback too! What was the post-op menu you ask? Well, lets just say Momma had way too many number fives from here, and we picked up take out from here three times in a twenty-four hour period! Luckily, it is one of our newest favorites but anything three times in one day is a bit over kill!

We did manage to have some really nice time with family. The Buggle met his Nebraska cousins in what was quite possibly the world’s shortest visit, and he got to see his Auntie Manda who wrote all about the adventure!

We were scheduled to fly out of Seattle at 8:20 am, which because of day light savings time was really 7:20 which meant we had to be up and at ’em before the crack of dawn. Ugh! We barely made it! Thank goodness the lines weren’t bad, because hanging out at the Seattle airport for eight hours until the next flight with The Buggle sounds about as fun as jamming a blunt object through my eye!

We were routed through Juneau, then schedule to switch planes and back down to Sitka. Juneau is just about the worst place to be routed through when there is a snow storm, or any storm for that matter. It is notorious for bad weather and for planes not flying in. So of course, well after the time we should have landed the pilot comes over the loudest intercom ever and says that Juneau requires at least one mile of visibility to land and currently there is only half a mile! So, “we’re just going to circle for a while up here at our cruising altitude to save gas and hope it clears up, if it doesn’t we’ll by pass Juneau and head to Yakutat!”

Don’t know where Yakutat is? Remember that blunt object I was talking about? We’ll it’s sounding like a mighty fine alternative then spending God nows how long in Yakutat! Thankfully, after over 30 minutes of circling we made a successful hail Mary landing and caught our flight home! Whoo Hoo!!

We managed to make it home missing only one bag. Which apparently decided it wanted to avoid the frozen tundra and head south to San Diego! Only wish I could have been in the bag!

While we were gone our monitor heater had some sort of power flicker and shut it self off, so the inside of our house was only six degrees warmer than our refrigerator! We bundled The Buggle up in a thick sweat shirt, and a beanie, cranked the heat to 82 degrees, turned our two mini-heaters on full blast, and set the oven to 450 degrees and opened the door. We were freezing our asses off but we were home damn it! And The Buggle couldn’t have been happier!

I’m Home!


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  1. laura said,

    Well, welcome home 🙂

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