February 26, 2007

The Buggle Times: Month 7

Posted in Buggle Times, Motherhood, Parenting at 12:00 am by Momma

Dear Buggle Boy:

Today you turn 7 months old! Never in my life has seven months gone by so quickly, it’s amazing! This has been your funnest month yet! Now that you are able to sit unassisted it has opened a whole new world for you. I still cannot believe how fast you went from amateur to pro! It was literally over night! You were practicing in your crib before you went to bed, then the next day it was like you had been sitting all your life. Now you can lean back and then catch yourself and regain your balance. Watching you playing with your toys on the blanket is so cute. I can see your thoughts when you throw the ball to Daddy. You’re so focused and precise. It’s almost like you are going through the whole step by step process of playing catch in your mind. You are so pleased with yourself when you toss it back, “Hey! Look Daddy I did it, I really did it! Aren’t you proud?” And of course he is just as ecstatic as you are!

Big Boy Toys

The only downside of you new found talent is that it’s ALL you want to do! There will be no tummy time or time spent playing on your back! Oh no, it’s sitting like a big boy or nothing! We try to encourage you to crawl and spend some time on your tummy and show you that it’s possible to reach things (like the Puppers) that are far away. Instead you play your newest game that I call, “Look How Fast I Can Flip Over!” Yes, my Buggle boy you hold the fast flipping record! And for that I am proud to be your Momma! It’s funny how eager we are to see you crawl. I know I will look back and read this post when you are a year and say to myself, “What the heck was I thinking?” But, I suppose every new Mommy and Daddy wants their little bundle to be just perfect and be doing everything everyone else is doing!

Angel Buggle

Angel wings made it a bit harder for the immediate flip you are so fond of but, YES you did manage! 😛

You have really took a liking to baby food this month! Your menu has included: carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches, and applesauce. There is little or no gagging when a new food is introduced now, which makes the Momma very happy! From what I can tell so far your favorites are carrots and sweet potatoes and you don’t care much for peas or applesauce. We’ll see what the future brings. Your newest food related item is the mesh food net that Momma puts frozen peaches or bananas in and lets you gnaw away. This is a big hit! I think the cold feels good on your gums and the fact that you get to “do it yourself” gets big points too!

I Can Do It!

You have always be a vocal little guy, but this month you have begun to master the art of mimicking. You and Daddy are constantly squealing back and forth at each other! You are really trying to be an active member of the conversations. Don’t worry Buggle, we can hear you! It’s kinda hard to miss the ear piercing shrills within a 100 foot radius!

You have had several play dates with other babies and you love watching and taking them all in! Today you played with a baby only five weeks older than you. He was crawling all around and you just starred! You both played with toys and I hate to say it but sharing wasn’t either of your strong suits! It was a very spontaneous outing and I hate to say it but I didn’t get any pictures! 😥 You both were very interested in each other and when baby Silas began to cry and whimper you made sure that you did to. You were crying in unison. You’d start fussing then he’d cry, then you’d cry because he was crying, then you were crying so he’d cry more….it was very comical! Would have made for a hilarious addition to the YouTube collection!

This Wednesday you will take your second plane ride. I am kinda nervous because you are totally different baby today then you were in October! Hopefully, the plane ride will go smoothly. We do have nap time on our side, so hopefully with a little magic boobie tonic you will be in dreamland shortly after take off! Please?! You will meet your Nebraska cousins for the first time on this trip, which is very exciting for the Momma. I can’t wait for the pictures! And you will get to spend quality time with Auntie Manda and your Tater who is very excited to play with you.

A Tisket A Tasket

A Tisket a Tasket A Buggle in a Basket! 😛

Well, Buddy I will end this by saying each day I fall a little more in love with you! Sometimes I wonder how that is even possible! Just when I think that there is no possible way I could fit one more ounce of love in my heart you do something amazingly cute, funny, or brand new. And sometimes you just smile, and that’s enough to make my heart melt! I cherish you today for all that you do, and share in your excitement tomorrow for all the things you will learn. You are my life, my love, my family!

Bunches of Love,




  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Tater can’t WAIT to see Buggle! I told him this morning that you were coming and I couldn’t quite make him understand the “2 more sleepins” part. He started crying and saying, “I wanna see baby Aidan!!” He didn’t even want to go to daycare because he was afraid Baby Aidan would come over while he wasn’t home!

  2. grandma Fava said,

    Happy Birthday Aidan!! You have come so far in such a short time, and your momma and daddy are the best mommy and daddy EVER!!

    Grandma and Grandpa Fava Love’s You!!!

  3. laura said,

    Happy 7 months, Aidan!
    Love, Deeder 🙂

  4. Hey LITTLE MAN you are getting big, Next thing u be WALKING, you are growing so fast, God Bless you LITTLE BIG MAN, HUGS N KISSES ..YOU ARE A CUTIE, SMOOCHES G GMA LITTLE

  5. Aunt Larissa said,

    Happy 7 month Bday Big Boy!! Jen, I love your post…….so beautiful! It is so true how we fall more in love with our little ones every day……they are the light of our lives!!

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