February 26, 2007

Getting Nervous

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 9:55 pm by Momma

On Wednesday The Buggle will be taking his second plane trip of his life. Momma is getting a bit nervous on how he’ll do. He is a much different baby now, than he was when we took him at 10 weeks! This is a much longer trip than we had initially planned so I hope he doesn’t get off his schedule too much!

This will also be my first time carting him around in America by myself. Other than our first trip south The Buggle hasn’t spent more than 25 minutes in the car at a time. When you live on an island with 14 miles of paved road it doesn’t take you that long to get where you are going! 😛 Luckily, he is a really easy going baby. I just hope he doesn’t decide to start screaming bloody murder while I’m cruising down I-5! Daddy, will not be with us for the first two and a half days and Momma will be on her own. Yikes! I started thinking of all the things I’m used to doing because we have two sets of hands available. Even things like showering. Usually, Daddy takes The Buggle or I deposit him in one of his many apparatuses that contain him for ten minutes, all of which will not be making the trip with us. I have showered with The Buggle before, but never as a “functional” shower. The showers have mainly been for fun, or to clean him not me! So that alone should be interesting. Seriously, I have NO idea how single parents do it! I am in awe!

On the upside, we will be spending quality time with Auntie Manda, Uncle Dick and Tater. I’m sure The Buggle will have a blast watching and playing with Tater! He will also meet his cousins for the first time, which is very exciting. They are adorable! Their family looks like one you find in the picture frames before you put your own picture in! Yeah, I am so not kidding! Picture perfect!

I don’t know if I will be updating or not while I am gone. Sad, I know! I am still debating if I want to lug the laptop along with me or not! I already have some serious luggage to trudge through the Sea-Tac airport by myself!


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