February 15, 2007

Play Ball!

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting, Video at 12:47 pm by Momma

On Tuesday Daddy bought The Buggle a new ball and they have been playing catch together ever since. With The Buggle being virtually a sitting master he is able to grab things in front of him, pick them up, and huck them across the room! Notice he doesn’t even fall once in the video! Even though it’s edited down he sat up the entire 8 minutes I was shooting! He’s such an amazing little guy! He’s not quite ready for the Mariners yet but I’m sure Daddy will be bringing home a kiddy mitt and bat before his first birthday! 🙂

Notice how The Buggle is showing off for the camera?! He’s only six months old and already knows to smile for the camera! Consequently, it doesn’t help highlight his throwing ability. Before the tape was rolling he would pick up the call, bring his right arm all the way back and the throw the ball to Daddy all in one fluid motion.


Happy SEVEN months, Deeder! 😛



  1. laura said,

    Good job, Aidan! You’re a pro!
    Do you think all time spent in his chair has anything to do with the great sitting abilities?

    Deeder topples over in less than a minute…we continue to work on it! Everything comes in time, ya know. I doubt that when he’s in college he’ll need his mom to sit behind him to hold him up.

    Thanks for the happy birthday mention! To celebrate we tried a new food flavor, applesauce.

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    I love how he grins when he looks into the camera! He’s my new McDreamy! 😉

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