February 14, 2007

Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 10:16 pm by Momma

Today was The Buggle’s very first Valentine’s day! And it started out with a bang, make that a blast. This morning just before 5 am I hear The Buggle squirming and grunting around in his crib. Since he had already ate, I knew he was trying to wake up. And, um sorry Valentine’s Day or not no member of this family is allowed to begin their day before 6:45 at the absolute earliest–7:30 is more like it. So I quickly scurried into his room, scooped him up and put him in bed with us, 99% of the time this buys us at least an hour and a half. Not today, oh no! He had a sweet Valentine treat a brewin’ for the Momma! Lucky Me! All the tell tale signs of a big poop were there: grunting, flailing, tooting, screeching….boy was I in for it. Finally, I hear his big finale and give him a few more minutes to finish up before grabbing my glasses (I wouldn’t want to miss anything!) and heading for the changing table and entering the battle zone. I proceed to get my line of artillery in order with the opening of the fresh diaper, pulling out a handful of wipies, the handy baby powder scented mini-garbage bags for the stinkies, and then I began opening my 5 am Valentine’s Day gift.

Nothing says, “I Love You” quite like the pungent aroma of peas and sweet potato baby poop! It’s one heck of a wake up call!

Luckily, after opening the diaper I noticed that I escaped a near blow out! The poo went to the very tippy top of the diaper without exploding up the back. Whew–that was close! I arm myself with a wipie or seven and begin the dirty work. Just as I am reaching for the new diaper…there is a BLAST of doodie that explodes on the changing pad with a splat. Ugh! So we begin the entire process over again, only this time with a Buggle with a WAY to big grin of a on his face! Oh yeah, he was super proud of himself. Giggling and thwoping his little feet. Did I mention it was FIVE AM?

After I got the baby all wrapped up again he was all fired up! There wasn’t a shot in hell that we were going back to bed! Yippee! So we headed downstairs, played in the exersaucer and watched a brand new Valentine edition of The Backyardigans. I’m pretty sure he thought it was Christmas!

Let’s not make this a Valentine tradition, okay Buggle? Flowers and chocolate will suffice nicely. Heck, I’d settle for Happy Valentine’s Day Momma! 😉



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Go Buggle, Go! He just wanted to make sure you never forgot his first Valentine’s Day! 😉

  2. lnellis said,

    Jen, this is quite hilarious! How did I miss this post?! I can so relate to the poop going all the way to the edge of the diaper, but whew, thank God it did not spray the entire onesie…….even through to the jammers! Happy late Vday Momma!

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