February 13, 2007

Angel Aidan

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 3:03 pm by Momma

Happy Sweet Valentines Day!

In light of the holiday I thought it was very appropriate for photo shoot 2007 with baby Jasmine. So I hopped on to ebay (LOVE IT) ordered up two sets of handmade angel wings and viola instant sweet angel babies! 😛

This photo shoot wasn’t quite as easy as our Christmas 2006 shoot, The Buggle’s new found sitting ability and Jasmine’s awakeness made for a mad dash of camera clicking!

Angel Boy

Auntie thinks he could be the Angel Soft baby! I, of course totally agree!

The Buggle was yet again caught red handed trying to make his move on Jazzie Girl. I have a feeling I’m gonna have some busy teenage years ahead! He was just giving his Valentine a little love!

Angel Love

The cuteness is almost too much to handle!



  1. laura said,

    Very cute!

  2. G. G. Barbara said,


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