February 11, 2007

Momma’s Amazing Boy

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 9:47 pm by Momma

Less than one week ago The Buggle was showing off his new sitting skills. As you saw in the video he was able to sit unassisted for about 25-30 seconds before gravity and his large noggin got the best of him. Now, he is virtually a pro. It’s so amazing that in less than seven days he went from us needing to be right there catching him before he topples over and bonks his perfectly shaped head on the floor to me being able to go to the kitchen take the cookies out, then run upstairs to grab the camera and return to a smiley Buggle that looks up at me as if he’s trying to say “Hey? Where you been? I’m just sitting here becoming a big boy before your eyes!”

He had a play date with baby Cadance on Friday and he sat up the whole time staring at her, lovingly of course! 😛 Aidan would toss a toy across the floor and Cadance would fetch it and give it back to him! SOOOO cute! She’s used to being around babies bigger, stronger, and meaner than The Buggle so she didn’t know quite what to think when he didn’t push her off the couch!

Hey Baby!

Look how mesmerized he is by her! She was being a little ham for her company! Momma caught The Buggle trying to make his move, such a buzz kill I know!

My Crib or Yours?




  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Hey, I no longer care that she stole my baby name! Little Cadance is SO cute! And, by the way, SO in Aidan’s league! 😉

  2. laura said,

    Congrats, Aidan! Jen, it’ll be the same thing with walking…one day they just stand up and walk

  3. laura said,

    Oh hey, that lion toy that Aidan’s holding in one of your recent flickr pictures is Deeder’s favs! My mom bought the same one for him at Target…great teething toy!

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