February 3, 2007

Tooth Watch 2007

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 8:53 pm by Momma

The Buggle slept rather well last night. He went down just fine and didn’t fuss until around 11 pm. I got up and gave popped the binker back in his mouth and went back to bed only to find that after three more attempts he still wasn’t going back to sleep. It wasn’t even that he was truly awake, he was just fussy enough not to go back into a deep sleep. Since I wasn’t about to play the lets find your binkie game 42 more times I put him in bed with us, he then slept like a baby (hee hee) until 4:15 am. We then got up did the usual diaper change and belly fill up and I put him back in his bed where he slept until 8:40 am! 😛 Life was good!

He had a great morning, we went on a walk in the park. Then came home and had a delicious carrot and rice cereal lunch. Then Daddy put him down for his nap while Mommy went to lunch with Auntie Jill. Mommy came home an hour later to a crying, no longer napping Buggle and Daddy heading out the door to a meeting. Ah ha, payback for getting to sleep in! Nothing comes free, I tell ya! After several failed attempts to get The Buggle back to sleep I finally got him up and brought him downstairs where he zoned out to Backyardigans on a blanket on the floor. Then his gums must have really started hurting because he was back in full dino-baby mode. I brought out all his toys, and his frozen teething duckie which he liked for a about half a second. Nothin’s quite as good as the Momma’s fingers! He got so bad that I finally broke out the baby Tylenol out and gave him a dose. When Daddy came home we were able to look in his mouth and see what appear to be TWO teethers ready to make their grand entry to the world. Usually, the first teeth to pop up are the two bottom front, and these are farther back. Maybe he’s taking after Silas’ teething program?

So Momma headed out to the store to buy some highly recommended Hyland Teething Tablets, and any and every other teething related item I happened upon. You can sell just about anything to a new mom during a crisis! I came home with the tablets, baby orajel (cherry), another teething toy, special gum messaging pacifiers (which happen to be VERY cool!) and a fuzzy new hat!

Ah!  That’s The Spot!



  1. laura said,

    Deeder isn’t a fan of frozen toys either! You know the toys that have the plastic on them meant for chewing? he has a couple of those that he likes.
    can I give a bit of pain advice? 😛 I’d use the Hylands before Tylenol…it’s all natural and the chamomilla not only eases the pain it calms the nerves which of course lets the poor kid sleep! I use Tylenol too, it’s great for after shots! at this point in time I’m thankful to be married to a nurse…I’d be
    afraid of over dosing! I’m certain victim to first-time-mom-paranoia 😛
    totally love Aidan’s new hat, and his cute shirt!
    I apologize for my excessive “this is what I do” kind of comments…I hope I’m not beeing too annoying!

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    The hat was probably the best buy!! So cute!

    And, adding to the “this is what I do” kind of comments, Tater always liked a cold, wet baby washcloth when he was teething.

    I was going to launch into a speech about rubbing bourbon on his gums and how it won’t hurt him and how your gma prolly did it to your mom and she turned out fine, yadda, yadda, yadda. But, the only thing I can tell you from personal experience is that bourbon only works if YOU are the one consuming it…in large quantities. 😉

  3. Momma said,

    Have you met my mom? Turned out fine??? No member of my family is “fine!” Just kidding Mom, I love you! 😛
    As far as me consuming it, well….that might be a wee bit conflicting with my job requirements! The whole practice what you preach thing kinda goes out the window!

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