January 28, 2007

Money Well Spent?

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting at 8:32 pm by Momma

On The Buggle’s six month birthday he got some very interesting mail. Mail at all for a six month old is rare, but this was in a category all its own.

Return address: THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON, DC 20500

It was hand addressed to The Buggle’s full name, and stamped with a self adhesive statue of liberty stamp.


White House

At first it’s kind of flattering to get something from the White House, but then as I started thinking more about it and became more and more irritated.

Recruiting already? Never to early I suppose! The way the war is going I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still in full force 18 years from now.

Then I thought about everything it takes to send out a card. Granted, it was printed from a computer printer–someone still had to print it, stuff the envelope, seal it, address it, apply postage, and mail it. I’m sure this is an interns job so even if the labor is free the materials are not. In 2004 there were 4.15 MILLION births in the United States, postage alone for that many welcome cards is $1.62 million! Recruitment is not cheap!

…Oh, Jennifer why are you being so negative and ungrateful when you were given such a nice thing, you ask?


Because, while yes it was nice and flattering for a bit. I believe the money spent on these “gestures” could have been put to better use. Like on HEALTH CARE, or EDUCATION just to name a few. I would much rather have my son attend a school that isn’t forced to choose between upgrading the twenty year old text books or paying their staff! Or maybe not stressing over sending my precious child to spend half the day with a complete stranger in daycare just so we can still have health insurance. Or maybe that’s just me “wanting it all” again…

UPDATE: Turns out the government isn’t handing out the welcome cards willie nillie. Check out the comment section. Thanks GGG! Get your free birth, adoption, anniversary, or wedding greeting from the White House, learn how here. That still doesn’t change my mind about socialized medicine and school funding though…



  1. pluckymama said,

    Amen. Even though I’m a Canadian…amen(I still have my US citizenship). We don’t get those letters. I’m thinking there’s probly some lady in a room that can print nice just signing and stuffing and signing and stuffing. I guess at least someone had a job to feed their family. Still a weird gesture from the government! Perhaps just send money next time, thanks!

    Do you guys get Child allowance and child tax benefit checks?

  2. laura said,

    All that said it’s still something cool to put in Aidan’s baby book.

  3. G. G. Dot said,

    Not the 4.15 million births, that you mention receive cards, only those who write and request one. A person must have a loving friend to do this. This wll be something special to A.J. when he is older.

    He already is the envy of the babyhood!


  4. Momma said,

    AH HA!!! That makes me feel MUCH better! Thanks.

  5. tayce said,

    Yeah, Tater was just one of the 4.15 million births in 2004 (the most important one, in my humble opinion…and possibly the most painful!) and we didn’t recieve no stinkin’ card!! I bet it’s because he’s a Bourgeois…and Bush hates the French! 😉

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