January 13, 2007

Hawaii, Anyone?

Posted in Nugget at 8:54 pm by Momma

Remind me why again we live here? The pristine climate? The endless hours of winter daylight? The vast amounts of extra curricular activities? I begin to wonder myself, why again did we choose to come back here?

This last week we got more snow. It wasn’t even that much, a couple inches maybe. This last spurt of snow really did a number to our hellish hill. It’s not as much of a hill as it is a narrow, steep, strait up gravel road with a killer hairpin turn.

Yesterday a fresh power kissed our hill gently blanketing the sheet of ice which had taken up residence days before. Momma had a 1:30 lunch date and being the major weenie she is wasn’t about to drive tumble, slide, 360, down the mess which was our driveway. This is not an uncommon state for the Momma. Daddy has on numerous occasions taken the Jeep to the bottom for the Momma. Yesterday was no different–well maybe a wee bit.

Typically it takes Daddy less than five minutes to take the Jeep down and come back up. So when he was a bit longer yesterday, I had a funny hunch something bad happened. I was right. About 15 minutes later, he comes back up. A few choice words proceeded, “It’s in the *insert adjective here* ditch!” So he grabbed a few tools thinking maybe he could dig his back tires out enough to get himself out. HA! To make a nearly four hour adventure short….It took four men, two large trucks with chains, and a loader back hoe to get the Jeep free! Just how Daddy planned to spend his day, I’m sure!

To make things perfectly clear, The Buggle was NOT in the car at the time, and Daddy was not hurt! Thank God!

Momma never saw the scene, it was beyond the hairpin I’m so fond of…So everything you have read so far was the story that Daddy told me. Oh, yeah and that he was glad I couldn’t see.

This is what I over hear him telling buddies tonight at dinner (apparently he thought I couldn’t hear him) apparently there was a little more slippin’ and a slidin’ then he mentioned. Because I heard him saying something about a 180 degree turn, having absolute no control, and sliding down the hill sideways. Ah, that’s nice honey! I guess we had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” silent understanding.

All I know is that I am very thankful that it was him that put the Jeep in the ditch instead of me, because no doubt that if it had been me it would have been the fault of my driving and not that I was trying to drive a 5000 pound metal object down a steep sheet of snowy ice. Oh yeah, I would have totally “paniced and seized the brakes,” or “over corrected,” or “not have pumped the brakes properly.” I’m sure there are at least ten to twenty more things that he would have come up with that I did wrong. Marriage it’s a beautiful thing! šŸ™‚

Ironically after four hours of freezing his cahones off and feeling like a complete idiot he says, “I’m really sorry you missed your lunch!” šŸ˜›



  1. lnellis said,

    Busted Daddy!! I had a hunch Momma would be referencing that convo she overheard last night šŸ™‚ and being witness to the moment, I must say it was classic…..Momma has some seriously sharpened hearing skills due to life with the Buggler!! Hawaii……..ahh yes, my sentiments exactly…….the thought of any of those island defintiely conjures up different feelings than when I think of the island of Southeast Alaska………my theory is that in order to “surivive, or be happy…..and Andrew always say “you be happy” with our existence here….we should treat ourselves to a Hawaiian Holiday..ideally at least once a year!!

  2. lnellis said,

    Oh yea, that is a MAJOR CRACKUP on the the link to the urban dictionary definition of cahones!! You must show me that little skill of how you can create a link to your dialogue……….Help! I need more tech support………!!

  3. grandma Fava said,

    I’m glad everyone is ok, but leave the dang jeep at the bottom of the hill from now on!! We don’t want anyone hurt!! Oh ya how bout those Seahawks Casey? There is always next year dang it!!

    Love you
    hug buggles for me!!

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