January 11, 2007

Equal Opportunist

Posted in Parenting at 12:06 pm by Momma

Last night before going to bed I checked The Buggle’s site “one last time” because maybe, just maybe I have a comment! Okay, I’ll admit it I am a comment-junkie. I like to know my readers give a rip, and that they are actually reading what I write.

Low and behold there was a new one! Yippee! Mitch McDad, who the hell is that? I don’t know anyone named Mitch. So I clicked on it and checked it out. Hmmm, he appreciates the talent of the two little Picaso’s who “redecorated” the living room. I like him already! 🙂

So, doing what I always do in the case of a new commenter, I check out their blog. He is funny! Have I found a male Dooce?! Parenting from a McMan’s prospective, a nice change.

I have a feeling Auntie Manda will be able to relate to his latest entry. And Daddy can sympathize with his forth “hobby” listed here. 😳



  1. Mitch McDad said,

    Just got a “pingback” from you. Still not sure what that is or how it works, so if you can shoot me an explanation I’d be eternally gratefull.

    Thanks for the kinds words on my blog. Without trying to sound patronizing, I like yours alot, which gets you on my blogroll. That and $4 dollars gets you a latte.


  2. daddy bouge said,

    Hey jenny where did you get that jersey that aidan is wearing? I gotta get tayce one of those!

  3. Momma said,

    Daddy’s parents got it for him. At a game, I think? Pretty sweet huh! He even has a mini-Hawks hat!

  4. Momma said,

    Just might hold you to the latte! 🙂
    As far as “pingbacks” go, as much as I can tell they are kinda like references? The only reason I know that is because I looked it up on the FAQ.

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