January 10, 2007

To Jasmine With Love

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting at 10:34 am by Momma

Just in case you forgot:





  1. lnellis said,

    Now that is laying on the “A” Game!! Jasmine is flushed and eyes batting…….hmmmmm I think those two are wanting another date! Jasmine is discovering her precious little smile, and may even have one up her sleave for the Bugle someday : )

  2. lnellis said,

    Hey there big guy! You were such the cutie pie last night, and Jazzie wanted to say thanks for her new chair………way to work your way right to her heart Buggle boy!! SHe said she peeked through a sliver of her closed eye to check you out when you were modeling the chair for her! She really does play hard to get big guy, but deep down she senses “The Buggle” is a presence to be reckoned with!!

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