January 8, 2007

A Thousand “I Do’s”

Posted in Nugget, Parenting at 10:16 pm by Momma

For those of you who have the honor of knowing Daddy you know how crazy he is for the Seahawks. It’s not just his favorite football team, that he regularly follows. It’s an obsession, a way of life, a let’s plan the entire day around the game kinda love affair! To put in simple terms until very recently he still had last year’s Superbowl DVR’d on our TV!

This time last year I was newly pregnant and hating life. Paying frequent homage to the porcelain God, and sleeping what seemed like 20 hours a day. To thank Daddy for being such a good guy and helping me out when ever and where ever he could, Mommy surprised him with playoff tickets. The Hawks won the game, and Daddy was riding one of the biggest highs of his life.

Since I have been back to work, Daddy has been Mr. Mom. Stepping in and providing The Buggle the best care possible. Wanting to thank him and treat him to something special, Momma thought maybe just maybe she could top last years surprise and send him to Chicago.

So today I first checked mileage availability to Chicago and surprisingly it was wide open. Hmm…next hurdle tickets on eBay. Wow, much less expensive then I thought for decent seats. It just happens that Monday is a holiday so I wouldn’t even need to take time off work. Things were looking pretty do-able. I thought I should just check with him just in case he had something really important going on that I didn’t know about.

The phone call:

“Hey, what would you say about me getting you tickets to the game this weekend?”

“It’s in Chicago not Seattle.”

“Yeah, I know. So whatcha think? Mileage seats are open all the way to Chicago and tickets aren’t nearly as expensive as I thought…”

“Really, to Chicago….the game…..”

Then his thoughts went to his happy place as he imagined himself screaming his lungs out for the Hawks and heckling the pissed off(me being a supportive wife) Bears fans as their play off dreams are crushed by the reigning NFC champs. (I am forced to watch enough ESPN to actually sound like I know what I am talking about…) Back to reality…

“I would LOVE to go to the game and it would be unbelievable, but if I go anywhere on a plane I want it to be with you and Aidan to some place warm where we can walk with him outside!”

Me to myself: “HUH??? Hello? Excuse me mister but can you please put my husband back on the phone because I just offered the crazed Hawk fan a trip to his Meca.”

Wow! I think that is one of the nicest, most loving complements he could ever give us Buggle! He’d rather be with us than watching Hasselbeck and Alexander get one step closer to Superbowl XLI! I knew I married a keeper! I love you too, honey! 😀


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