January 6, 2007


Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 8:06 pm by Momma

Watch out baby Jasmine, there’s a new gal vying for The Buggle’s heart! Today at 11:27 am Momma found out that Auntie Jill is having a GIRL!!! Yippee! Baby Mia, (?) pronounced “MY-UH,” not “MEE-UH” will be here in early June. From the sounds of it, she’s gonna be a feisty one! 🙂 Her Momma reported that she flipped off the ultrasound tech! At least you waited until you were one week old!



Oh, Buggle you’re not even six months old and the two potential girlfriends! Watch out Buddy; like Jasmine’s Daddy, Mia’s Daddy has a shotgun too! 😉

Both of you are have already mastered the art of “giving the bird” and “showing off your muscles!”

Two Pea’s In a Pod!

Baby Mia 01/2007


Baby Aidan 05/2006




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  1. lnellis said,

    Jazzie says Bugle still needs to get his “A” game on for her to open her eyes to even get in on this game! Not to mention the “playing hard to get” Jasmine stole baby Bugle’s hearts many a moons ago……..any other would always be “next in line”!! Who could ever replace the mini Mr & Mrs CLause that captured the hearts of viewers across the globe?!

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